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PrinceOfAustria, born on 18.01.2010 - Day 790 of the New World is one of Austria's biggest whizkids. Having reached only level 13, he was named regiment officer by Kaiser Alex (former MoD) even though there would have been more experienced players to chose. However, Prince decided to show everyone Alex' trust was justified and to give his best. Just one day after he was named regiment officer the war of Croatia against Austria started, and within a few days his regiment grew from 6 to 20 members. Every day he provided them with weapons and gave them instructions. On February 16th, when Borojevic resigned and Oraizan took over Country Presidency of Austria, he was promoted to the Secretary of Defense.

On February 22nd, he resigned from this post, due to the following 2 major reasons

  1. 1 MoF decided to implent a new rule of tracking purchases the Army does. Prince would have respected this change, but felt betrayed as noone ever even asked him about his, who he was the most affected, oppinion.
  2. 2 He and Kaiser Alex were about to reform the Bundesheer when Oraizan took over power and replaced Kaiser Alex. This destroyed the already well-played team. Also, the new MoD never approached him for further talks, organization or similar, and in the end he was blamed for handling the Bundesheer on his own.

Today, Prince is in negotiation with Metallon, current MoD, about taking up a regiment. He sure will return to military politics.