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The Old Prophexy- Prophexy was born on day 672 of the New World in the eUSA. He emigrated to eUNL (United Netherlands) a few days later and was promptly accepted. He was highly active and voted in as Congressman of Wallonia in the GLD (Green Liberal Democrats) party headed by Trinc at the time. Prophexy was a fighter against The Group and the Romanian forces that "liberated" Belgium from the United Netherlands. Prophexy went in to hibernation, shortly thereafter.

The New Prophexy- Prophexy awoke in to a very strange land. The eUNL he knew and loved was no more.. he awoke in a Polish-controlled Netherlands. He looked around and sadly, a lot of his friends were not seen. Trinc, Moua Mim, and others to name a few had passed away during this period, and he was extremely saddened by this. The eNetherlands was a totally foreign, and empty place to him. Prophexy went on a few eVacations to Brussels and found his old time friend Jofroi. He was ecstatic to find Jofroi, as him and Jofroi eGrew up in the eUNL around the same time frame.

Along the way, Prophexy met Monsieur Guillontine. Monsieur Guillontine was the leader of a Belgian Political Party called the "Belgian Communist Party". Prophexy befriended Monsieur Guillontine and became very close to him, and the party. Shortly thereafter, Prophexy decided it was time for him to leave the eNetherlands and build a home for himself in eBelgium.

Having great friends such as Monsieur Guillontine and Jofroi, Prophexy's citizenship request was quickly granted. Prophexy immediately joined the Belgian Communisty Party and decided to run for congress. Much to his surprise, he was elected! Prophexy voted on most proposed laws and worked extremely hard for the people during fhaemita's administration.

During Critically's administration, Prophexy was given the opportunity to serve as State Secretary of Defence and as a congressman, to which he gladly accepted. During this period, Prophexy designed the bot "eBeWAR" for use of the eBelgian Military to quickly and efficiently get orders to their troops on IRC.