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(Here should be some introductory text, explaining also which newspapers are and which not, and why [at the moment: foreign newspapers, inactive for more than a month and only-dedicated party newspapers], not forgot about mentioning about the languages)

Sub. Name In english Owner Topics Comments
548 El Austral The Austral ProfetaVI Chilean politics and society
Personal thoughts
He publishes frequently in other latinamerican countries.
234 El Mirador. The Observer. Raax Economy, Internal affairs
Personal thoughts
234 Miradas. Views. PresZ Political criticism
Internal affairs
See also his old newspapers: Miradas and ContraMirada.
219 Chuck Norris Network -Chuck Norris- Chilean politics and society
Political campaigns
It also worked as governmental newspaper while he was president.
110 El Caminar de eChile The Stroll of eChile El Nihilista Chilean politics and society
(early)Elections register
79 El Sur The South RoRex Demographic statistics
(early)Congress activity report
79 INE eChile Informa INE eChile Informs INE eChile Statistics and census INE is the statistical center of eChile. Its actual director is iVicentico.
74 AAA NW... x.jorge Statistics, Internal affairs
Latinamerican affairs
Probably, the newspaper name may say "Ah, New World...".
60 Chile Crece Informa Chile Crece Informs Chile Crece New-born citizens education
Inner organization
Chile Crece is an organization dedicated to educate new-born citizens
in Chile. Its creator, and actual director, is El Nihilista.
60 La Estrella Solitaria The Lonely Star oreius Narrative It's really a science fiction novel, where each article is a chapter. At
least in the beginning was eR-themed, taking place in the Baltic WGs.
53 Nueva Vision New Vision The moi Tutorials, (early)Lottery
53 LeanixNoticias LeanixNews leanix Right views, Candidatures
(early)Economy, Tutorials
Excepting the first articles, it always has has propaganda for his parties.
Also, it works as the official UDL's newspaper.
48 El Condor The Condor Purohueso Chilean politics and society
Candidatures, Thoughts
It also works as the official PDD's newspaper.
48 Escuadron Fantazma Phantom Squad Molina_K Chilean politics and society
Internal Affairs, Thoughts
It also worked as the official TCU's newspaper.
46 CEI Informa CEI Informs eCEI Education, Debates CEI is actually a echilean university.
41 eRepublik.cL Dazero Forum, Candidatures
Internal affairs
Dazero is the owner of the chilean forum.
39 eComics Rafael Vidaurre Comics, Jokes Sometimes, the topics are about eRepublik.
They are posted also in this page.
37 Aurora de Chile Dawn of Chile Aurora Porter
de Casante
Reports, Economy, Politics
New World's sociopolitics
Its reports are examples of high quality journalism.
34 Filosofia de la praxis Praxis philosophy Odioso Leftist views, Candidatures
Internal affairs
33 CUT Informa CUT Informs La CUT Leftist views, Surveys
CUT is an organization that watches over worker's rights.
Its actual director is Fauno.
30 El Rojinegro
The Libertarian
Piotr Kropotkin
Anarchist views, Thoughts
RL-News, RL-Politics
This is the newspaper of Richi el grande.
30 El OTRO Informativo The OTHER Informative Otro_Chileno Tutorials, Debates
Most of its articles are part of a recently "Raw High for eChile" campaign.
30 La Esmeralda
de Valpo
The Esmeralda
of Valparaiso
Cadete Mauricio Curiosities, Jokes
29 Letras Letters Saavedra Candidatures
Internal affairs
29 El Diario MAEstro The MAster Newspaper mae.stro Candidatures
Internal affairs
26 Diario de iVicentico iVicentico's Newspaper iVicentico eCatholicism, Candidatures
Internal Affairs, Government
Some articles are almost pure trollism, particularly those against PNR. It
also worked as the interior minister's newspaper, when it was his duty.
23 Pelotillehue al dia Pelotillehue "al día" Fauno Internal affairs, Thoughts
The name of this newspaper refers to the chilean comic Condorito,
as well as the "Plop!" at the end of each article.
23 L'azienda Th'azienda Gaeloyolas Internal affairs
20 El Austral de Osorno The Osorno's Austral mariosanjuan79 Candidatures
RL-Sports (football)
20 El Revelador The Revealer LadyU Internal affairs It's a bit strange, but all their articles are related to Ugares.
19 El Rincon Austral The Austral Corner Patch Katz Internal affairs
Travel journal
The icon of this newspaper is the flag of Magallanes.
18 Info?Info?This
Nicolas Carrasco Internal affairs, Thoughts
17 curioso, no curious, don't maxitox27 Curiosities, Jokes
17 TOBERAL PRESENTA Th'azienda MIRAFLORES92 Economy, Culture
Thoughts, Narrative
This newspaper belongs to toberal.
Here was succesfully organized the 1° Cultural Festival of eChile.
17 La Primera de eChile The First of eChile Ruben Lagos Interviews
Chilean politics and society
16 El Clarin de EChile The Clarin of EChile Brian-n-s Chilean politics and society
15 El Trompetero The Trumpeter The Claw Co Lmtd Internal affairs
It actually also works as the official CR's newspaper.
Its owner is Gottfried von Fritz.
15 UC13 Noticias UC13 News Jersinho2396 Internal affairs, Thoughts This newspaper has just 1 article, so it isn't clear which are its real topics.
15 V News juacox Internal affairs
15 Expande Conciencias Consciences Expander mota135 RL-News, RL-Politics The icon of this newspaper is the Mapuche flag.
15 El Pirata The Pirat kwop RL-News, Interviews
Narrative, Candidatures
Name doesn't refer to pirats, but to chilean football club Coquimbo Unido.
He attempted to start an interactive novel that can be seen in this article.
15 El Libre Pensador The Free Thinker Gabriel Salvador
War strategy He started analyzing The Art of War applying it to eRepublik. Later, he
discovered that Zhuge Liang had already had done a similar work.
15 eL PAIS DIGITAL tHE DIGITAL COUNTRY Julius K Internal affairs, Actuality
13 Omnivision sirakuss Internal affairs, Debates
11 The Cinic guthrix Internal affairs
11 Thunder News RobertoEnrique Candidatures
11 I WANT YOU t1pst3r Interviews It has just 1 article, but it got almost 50 votes, going clearly up
the normal ratio of votes that one could got in Chile.
11 Knockout News imanerd11 Actuality, Candidatures
Internal affairs
Their articles were critized because he just talked about obvious things
and didn't checked to be sure, but recently has been improving slowly.
10 Nada nuevo
bajo el sol
Nothing new
under the sun
ivaan Internal affairs
10 Estrella de
la Suerte
Lucky Star kuyinay Narrative, Anime
9 ORPHEU Gazette E. Cattanneo Internal affairs
9 Control Varietal Varietal Control iker utzurzua Internal affairs, Interviews
Candidatures, Others
Sometimes it's published on mapudungún, the Mapuche's language.
8 -Science News- Diego Vera Internal affairs, Economy
8 Sin Nombre... ? aun Without Name...
=/ still
FallschirmDanix Internal affairs Danix hasn't got a name for it, and even did a contest in its search.
8 Jaguares Jaguars Armando Naval Internal affairs, Tutorials
Economy, Jokes
8 SERK INFORMA SERK INFORMS sebaruk Internal affairs, Thoughts
7 El Diagnostico
The Medical
Dr.Tutu Reports
7 The Master Of Law Herr Naxo Escobar Internal affairs, Thoughts
7 eDeTodo eOfEverything Lyonkeys Interviews, Economy
6 Juventudes Rebeldes Rebel Youths JJ CC RL-News
6 El Bromuro The Bromide Brian Seguel Internal affairs, Thoughts Brian also do jokes about his own redaction skills.
6 PycoNoticias LpacNews vicxman RL-News, RL-Science
vic said that "Pyco" is an acronym, and doesn't refer to "d*ck".
5 La Voz de Todos Everyone's Voice Ipolitas Nicode-
mus Kaslauzkas
Internal affairs, Jokes This was the newspaper where the Junta make itself public.
5 AIRES NUEVOS NEW AIRS Cris Anwandter Candidatures
MAS propaganda
5 TheVeraz TheTruthful Jonathan
Internal affairs
4 Mirada Anexa Annex View M4yer Internal affairs, Education
4 THE CLINIC II Ignacio95 Graphic jokes, Jokes
Fabian Molina Internal affairs Its name makes reference to 2 chilean comics, Condorito and Alaraco.
3 Mensaje Message Franco De
La Vega
Internal affairs
3 Galeria de
las Sombras
Shadows's Gallery Sociedad de
la Igualdad
Politics, Society
2 La Cuarta
The Fourth
jose naveas RL-Sports (football)
2 The Banxa News Banxa Internal affairs
2 La columna de
The Rachsuchtig's
Rachsuchtig Internal affairs