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I liek sand

Aryamehr (Deleted Section)


As KOROUSH THE HACKER joined the game KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS was under occupation by INTERNET TERRORISTS from 4chan and KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS was stuck in a hole with the lowest ranks in every section. The treasury was drained and there were two active players only in the whole KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS. In the January 2008 elections KOROUSH THE HACKER won the elections and after winning the February and March elections KOROUSH THE HACKER decided to go semi-active in this game and put more time on studying and life. KOROUSH THE HACKER had been President for 3 months total and KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS who once was rank 42 out of 43 was now in the top ten countries and KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS managed to become better than countries who had a much better start than us. From the beginning we had the PEACE CRUSADERS next to us planing to TAME AND PACIFY the KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS thus the long time issues. After seeing that they had no chance against KINGDOM OF MULTIACCOUNTS who once went up to 700 citizens, they (PEACE CRUSADERS) had to cancel their plans and started to TAME AND PACIFY and problems became bigger.


His account (KOROUSH THE HACKER) was hacked by INTERNET TERRORISTS after KOROUSH THE HACKER exposed them creating 6000 Gold and afterward KOROUSH THE HACKER suspect that his account was used to hack other leaders and players around the world. KOROUSH THE HACKER lost my newspaper, money, companies and my account. The message said that KOROUSH THE HACKER was banned for "GREAT JUSTICE" which makes me think that they used my account to hack others. After exchanging emails with the staff KOROUSH THE HACKER got different reasons each time and at the end KOROUSH THE HACKER didn't get a proper real reason of why KOROUSH THE HACKER really got banned in the first place. PEACE CRUSADERS used this opportunity to TAME AND PACIFY since KOROUSH THE HACKER was banned for INTERNET TERRORISM yet it has never been proved by anyone. If you wish to read more on this issue with a lot more information and facts you can read this post here