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History of my eMilitary Career

Early History

I was eBorn in Arizona, USA on January 17, 2009.

United States National Guard

Upon reaching a high enough level to fight, Sir Valaro Volcrum (SVV) enlisted straight into the United States National Guard. Within a few days, he was assigned to the 2nd Division, 6th Platoon. The 2nd Division was a non-combat and non-deployable branch that concentrated on training the new recruits into the ways of the eUS military. It is now know was the "Training Corps" or "TC".

Immediately looking for something to do, SVV was interested in starting a military career. Two days in, he got a message from the platoon CO, then Lieutenant Loftedraptor. He was searching for a new platoon Sergeant to help him update the tracker and immediately, SVV stepped up and applied. Two days into his military career he was already a sergeant.

Within the next few days, Loftedraptor was promoted to commanding officer of the entire division leaving SVV to take command of the platoon. Three days after becoming a sergeant. So five days into SVV's military career he platoon CO of the 6th Platoon, 2nd Division, United States National Guard.

After maintaining this job for a couple weeks, SVV went on a trip to Africa and left his platoon in the hands of his XO, Sgt and later Lieutenant YoyoPon. Upon returning, he was a freelance officer helping where needed when the CO spot for the 8th platoon popped up.

Shortly after Loft left for the Marines, SVV transferred to the USNG, 3rd Division (Cavalry).

Stint In The Army

SVV was in the US Army for about two days after his platoon from the 3rd Division was transferred to the Army. During those two days, the 3rd Division was formed into the Mobile Infantry, the 1st Division was formed into the Home Guard and the 2nd Division formed into the Training Division, now Corps.

Joining The Mobile Infantry

At the founding of the Mobile Infantry, Bastion was the General and Loftedraptor was his XO. Taking SVV in, he promoted him to Captain and made him an Assistant QMG.

For months, SVV maintained the rank of Captain before getting promoted to Major for hard work and dedication to the job of Assistant QMG, one of the worst jobs in the eUS Military.

After Bastion resigned command of the Mobile Infantry, Loftedraptor his XO took over and named SVV his executive officer.

Taking Command of the Mobile Infantry

After Loftedraptors DD and permanent blacklist from the eUS Military, his XO Lieutenant General SVV took over the Mobile Infantry with the support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Immediately SVV created a staff from across the board, pulling Deificus from the Airborne as his XO. Under SVV, massive amounts of members were shed due to lack of funding and inactivity of a large number of soldiers. Many reforms to the structure were also instituted that lead to two separate command structures, the Operations and Support divisions. Operations involved all personnel in combat roles while the Support section handled quartermaster work, recruitment and the media. Beerman616 was called upon and made Operations head as a Brigadier General and Issues was pulled from the US Army to serve as Support head and reorganized the Quartermaster staff.

Due to the size of the Mobile Infantry (around 450 members), SVV ordered that a roll call be sent out. Those that responded within 24 hours stayed, those after 24 hours but before 48 hours were sent to the Home Guard and anything passed 48 hours was met with an honorable discharge due to inactivity. Within two days the Mobile Infantry dropped from 450 to 305 members, which ended up leading to the newly formed Easy Company being deactivated the partially filled Delta Company also being deactivated leaving Alpha, Bravo and Charlie company.

Also under SVV, an in house military intelligence program was set up to aid the Central Intelligence Agency in intelligence gathering as well as an elite combat unit called the Marauders. The military intelligence program lead by then Major General Bloomfield was highly successful (information on its success remains classified) while the Marauder program never got of the ground.

After this short time of command, but with staggering reforms, SVV resigned to due RL reasons and almost quit the game but ended up in South Africa and two weeks after that in Israel where he's resided since September 2009. With the resignations of Issues, the support head and the retirement of Major General Bloomfield, command was turned over to trusted XO and adviser, Deificus. He took over and operations head Beerman616 was assigned as his XO.

I Dreamed of Africa

Due to RL reasons and the massive time invested in eRepublik, SVV resigned so as to concentrate on his real life over his eLife.

SVV moved to South Africa which was getting its regions back from Brazil. Shortly thereafter, SVV was offered the job of forming the South African Armed Forces new deploy able branch. Later known as the South African Shock Troopers (SAST), SVV took many ideas he had an implemented them, however due to its small size, many were later reversed as time went on. After living in South Africa for a couple weeks, SVV moved on.

The Holy Land

Former Chief of Staff and Commanding Officer of the United States Army, Joseph Schmo, asked SVV to come to Israel to help out with running the Israeli Special Forces. At the time, Schmo was the General of the Special Forces and was in desperate need of Squad Leaders. Upon arriving, SVV took command of a squad and worked to integrate into the community.

Shortly after taking over a squad, the Minister of Defense, CJ Will Win was elected President. He assigned General Joseph Schmo as his replacement, leaving his old position open. Joseph Schmo immediately offered command of the Israeli Special Forces to SVV and within four days of coming to Israel, SVV was already General of the IDF's elite forces. The only other branch were the regulars in the Israeli Army.

Due to RL reasons, Joseph Schmo went AFK and SVV took over as acting Minister of Defense, only three weeks in. After CJ Will Win was reelected to the Presidency, he made SVV the official Minister of Defense. This occurred in September 2009 and SVV was the Minister of Defense for the rest of CJ Will Win's term. The next president, JMatH went renegade and the SVV resigned after Zaib Atsu, who took the presidency by virtue of being in second place in votes, made his Minister of Foreign Affairs a known traitor who immediately returned to Israel to have a Ministry position open to him.

Under the rest of Zaib Atsu's administration, SVV did not serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. Zaib Atsu won the reelection but resigned a week later and served as an unofficial adviser to Hyman Roth, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President for the remainder of the term.

During the next elections, Joshua Hoss ran with running mate Perfect.Knight to win the Presidency with a 75% win. Joshua Hoss asked SVV to be his Minister of Foreign Affairs, something that SVV quickly accepted.