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Sunocracy Logo

Sunocracy was formerly the national religion of South Korea, although it is likely that it still has the largest following of any eReligion there. The Sun King and one of the Radiant Apostles Peter de LusionisT Bae were president in South Korea. Sunocracy has also had two Radiant Apostles, Mr. Knoll/Keegan Knoll and Myung kei as president in the Philippines. Sunocracy is an eReligion worshipping the first Sun King; followers of the Sun King are known as sun children. Sun children believe the Sun King illuminates his followers from the evils of the moon.


The followers of Sunocracy believe that one day the Sun King will return in a new form to lead his followers to greatness.

 What Isn't it? 
(Solis Rex's response when asked what is Sunocracy)

The followers of Sunocracy also believe that all math equations are equal to Sun (written symbolically as ☼)

Sacred Sun Truths

The followers of Sunocracy believe in the Sacred Sun Truths that The Sun King gave to them in each of the Sun Chronicles

  1. "All are starving"
  2. "All are blind"
  3. "All are deaf"
  4. "Truth is relative"
  5. "All things require balance"
  6. "Everything has a reason"
  7. "Show your enemies compassion in Defeat. You will remove all satisfactions from them."
  8. Unknown

The Sun King always spoke of 8 Sacred Truths, but the 8th Sacred truth has never been found. The sun scribes continue to look for the final sacred truth to this day.


 The Sun King will return one day in another vessel and he will bring with him a Golden Age that will guide South Corea to greatness. Illuminated Unity and Stability will occur in South Corea and all Nations of the eWorld will look upon the holy land of South Corea with envy but unable to harm the land of the Sun King. 
(The Spirit of first Sun King speaking about his First Prophecy)



The Sun King has been around since before the beginning of time, but the religion of Sunocracy was created when the first sun child, smily132 met the Sun King. Sunocracy rose to prominence when the Sun King became president of South Korea where it became the main national religion (although it was not a theocracy).


 Sunocracy has no beginning and it has no end; it simply is and will always be. 
(The First Sun King)


Historical Figures

The early Sun Children recognized by the Sun King have all played a pivotal role in the growth of Sunocracy, unfortunately the documentation of the great tales of the first four were lost in The Great Moon Fire.

  1. Smily132
  2. Myung Kei
  3. Athasnim
  4. Peter de LusionisT Bae
  5. Aarons-Miller
  6. Monkey111
  7. Keegan Knoll

Solar Hierarchy

Sun King

The Sun King is the leader of the Radiant Church of the sun. His words of wisdom guide the church towards the light. The Sun King is specifically the earthly form of the sun. The first form of the Sun in the eWorld was the first Sun King. unfortunately the Sun King's reign over the church was ended by a Moon Child. The Sun King's eSpirit passed on to Solis Rex who became the next Sun King of The Radiant Church and as predicted by the Oracle he began to lead the Children of the Sun towards greatness.

Radiant Apostles

The first seven sun children became known as the Radiant Apostles. They came across the Sun King on his travels across the eWorld and joined him on the road to illumination. These Radiant Apostles are said to know the true meaning of elife.

Radiant Templars

The Radiant Templars are led by the Radiant Praetorian (The 5th Sun Child/Radiant Apostle). Their sole duty is to defend the Sun King and his followers at all costs. They would all give there lives for the light!

The Illuminated

The Illuminated are the followers of the Sun. Who while they believe that the Sun King is the true god of erepublik they do not completely follow his teachings, but they do support the church in its endeavors.

Important Events

The Great Moon Fire

On March 24th, 2010 The earthly vessel of the Sun King was attacked, the great stories of the Sun Children were destroyed, and the very foundation of South Corea itself was ruined. This attack was believed to be carried out by the corrupted followers of the moon. This brought about the Sun King's first prophecy spoken to his followers through his spirit promising that he would return and lead his followers to glory. Since the Sun King lost his earthly vessel, he has only been able to communicate to his followers through his spirit which continues to bring his followers stories and hope.

The Great Restoration

On June 6th, 2011 The first sun child smily132 was sifting through some ancient scrolls when he rediscovered the first four sacred truths of Sunocracy, that many had thought would be lost forever after The Great Moon Fire. Unfortunately he was only able to find the ancient truths, and not the entire contents of the first four sun chronicles.



Since the Theocrats left eSouth Corea, Sunocracy has replaced Theocracy as the major eReligion of eSouth Corea.