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"We have a history, a history that we should be proud of despite several low points, a history in which we have been very successful, a history in which we have cemented our policies and succeeded in our goals. We have an Austrian history which should never be forgotten. We will always be here in some form, working for the betterment of Austria."
June 2010, on the Osterreich Independence Party as party president.

"Hello Citizens of Austria!
Today is my first day of the month in which I serve as your president. I have served under the previous 5 presidents of Austria and it is finally my turn to serve the country. Unfortunately, I came to office with ease unlike my predecessors, I had no competition, nobody who wanted to run against me but that is history now. I have made my journey into the Hofburg and I will remain there for another 30 days - on the proviso that I'm not impeached. I willingly take over from my predecessor, Penegrin who was the 27th President of Austria and I will continue what he's done over the course of the month. Hopefully we can have a calm month like we had in July, a month where one of our original regions were not attacked once, a month where peace was made between us and Phoenix countries and a month where we got adjusted to the new eRepublik Rising."
August 2010, on his first speech as president of Austria.

G'day citizens of New Zealand and others, I would like to take a moment to congratulate Don KronoX on his election victory yesterday. I would also like to thank Fionia for her service to New Zealand, she departed from New Zealand yesterday as a result of the Presidential election of which more can be read below.
December 2010, on Don KronoX's victory in the New Zealand election