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How to become a Party Member

To become a party member, you need to join a political party.

To do so, click on the politics menu link, and then on one of the 5 first parties of your country.

Then on the left menu shall appear a "join this party" button.

Yeepie ! You're now a party member !

The role of a party member

In the party

  • As a party member, in your party, you can vote for a party president, or Stand for party election !

The day of party election (the 10th of each month) you can vote for a new party president.

Only the former party president and the party members can vote.

To become the party president, click on the "stand for party election" button.

In his city

  • As a party member, you can "stand for local election" and maybe become Mayor of your city !

Just ask your party president, he can designate you as the official party candidate for your city.

In his country

To do so, you need to be on the top members of your party, and vote for your party at the congress election.

To be on the top of your party member list, just ask your party president !