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15 January 2010
1 July 2011


Speech balloon.png Timeoin's user page

It's Timeoin's user page. WARNING: It may appear very messy! This is because he uses this page to contain links and things he needs to stay organised
1 October 2011
23 February 2013


Speech balloon.png AWAY

Timeoin is now back at this Wiki. He splits his time between this wiki and another one of his: [

My Pages:

What is a wiki, and how can i get involved?

Testing the Wiki coding:
Today is Monday, 20 May, and it is currently: 10:15.


In Real Life and (usually) in-game too, I am a resident of Queensland. I have been a member of the Australian Senate almost constantly since June 2009, and a member of the Australian Cabinet since July 2009. One of the Uber Editors, and one of the leading contributors on ERepublik Wiki (i.e. this!). Rotating Forum Moderator of several different boards on the Australian Forum, and Permanent Moderator of the Australian Wiki board. Using this to train a new batch of Australian Citizens how to wiki. He has also made over 10,000 edits on the ERepublik Wiki pages, overall.

To Do List


Stock post message.png To Do


TO DO (New - 2011)

  • Update Australia page
  • History of Australia page
  • Senate Speakers / Inspector General's page
  • Cabinet Members of Australia page -> MANY months outdated (Links will be required for Articles, etc).
  • Parties of Australia -> Archive removed parties, create pages for new parties, such as the Green and Gold Party.
  • Own page -> Archive historical information (i.e. links to Rising information).
  • Congress of Australia
  • Angel Demon - Create a page about this PTO group.
  • Military Units of Australia (Crimson Devils, KnightHawks, Southern Strike Force, ADF (MU, as opposed to overall organisation), etc)

Migration Stuff

  • Go through Andy's Migration list
  • Main Menu Pages need link corrections (Menu pages link here, not One:Main Menu) (Replaced by graphic instead)
  • Many pages still have V1 menu on them
  • Many "One: " Pages still point to the new pages.
  • New Screenshot of the Work page (currently displays incorrect booster amount)
  • Check for any other categories or templates to move to "One:" Namespace
  • eRepublik page and sub-pages need links changed from file of Version1 image to Erep Rising image.
  • Fix links to pages like [this one]
  • Go back and change DL Templates to L templates on pages without pages due to the update. (with a note saying this needs changing once page is created)
  • Use Wanted pages list to find pages that were linked to often before the V1 to Rising changes took place, and either create stub pages for them, or link to the previous page, where appropriate
  • Replace template Infobox military unit with {{Military unit}}, review history of articles where infobox is located, if they are older than 5 months add {{Urgent}} to them WHILE you are replacing the template. Tell Andy when you are finished.
  • Message Creators of Military pages listed above and request that they update said military pages (Request by QJ)
  • Go through and replace {{L|Language Links}} templates with {{DL|Direct Language Links}} for updated pages.
  • Military FAQ Page
  • Check V1 pages for out-of-date information. i.e. several experience points pages still mention 5 gold amounts, etc.
  • Make pages for as many of these as possible (Use {{Babelfish}} if necessary)
  • Replace Main Page links in One: namespace articles to One:V1 instead.

Version 1 Pages:

  1. Look at templates when editing - make sure as many as possible link to the One:namespace
  2. e.g. replace {{MenuV1}} with {{One:MenuV1 Template}}
  3. Make sure {{LangMenu}} is the long version, i.e. {{LangMenu|One:Info}}.
  4. Where applicable: Remove {{GameMenu}} and replace with [[File:V1 Menu Bar.jpg]]
  5. Check all used templates in the article with the Category:V1 Navigation Box Templates and replace them if possible.

Long Term

  1. Category:Stub - helping massively reduce the number of pages in this category. is currently adding basic information accessible from the main page, using bullet point style. If others want to come along and add enough to make paragraphs - great! If not - at least there is enough content there so that it isnt a stub anymore
  2. This List - Former Presidents Pages Project.
  3. Category:Lonely - Help add links to the Unlinked pages on the Wiki
  4. Create pages for congress elections in every country - create a new group when this is done.
  5. Create page for the Presidential elections in every country - create a new group when this is done.
  6. Other tasks, such as wrong links, etc etc.

Pages Currently Monitoring

(or ones that will be monitored shortly.)

  1. Australia
  2. Government Positions of Australia
  3. Cabinet Ministers of Australia
  4. Congress of Australia
  5. Australian National Library - (sort of).
  6. Category:Active_Disputes
  7. Australian Military Pages - DBs, ACUK, AAR, ADF, Redbacks
  8. Pages of Australian Regions (QLD, NSW, VIC, NT, SA, WA, Tas),
  9. Australian Political Party Pages: (ACP, AMP, ADP, ADSP, AI, ANP, EA, MBP,PaPP, PD, TBP, AAA, NPP, LPA,
    1. (Currently: ANP, AIP, ACP, GGP, DIYPA, RPA, <>
  10. THIS list
  11. Category: People of Australia
  12. Category: Australia
  13. Category:Stub
  14. Field Marshals of Australia - currently impossible due to removal of eGovernment Stats. Find new site list or delete this page
  15. Discussions with other Wiki Editors
  16. Great Southern War
  17. Minority Parties of Australia

If you want to view Timeoin's contributions to the wiki, they can be viewed here - almost 7,000 edits, and still going strong. :)

/me continues his war on RedLinks.
/me opens up a new front, and declares war on Stubs.

On Day 780, it was declared by Dean Kong that Timeoin is an eGod. This has since been confirmed by several other Australians, who have formed the eReligion known as Timeoinism. (page to be created if requested).

I, Rowan Quigley request Timeoin to make a page for Timeoinites like myself. :D Icon-Australia.png Rowan Quigley 11:13, 20 June 2010 (UTC)

Quick Links:

  1. Sol Forum
  2. Brolliance Forum
  3. Timeoins IRC channel
  4. #eAustralia room
  5. #ausrep
  6. #E-pub
  7. #Wiki Room
  8. Wiki Watchlist
  9. Wiki Contributions List
  10. Add Timeoin to your eRepublik Friends
  11. Wiki Bar
  12. Wiki Erepublik Chatroom (Rarely used?)

Australian Forums:

Lots of links, but it saves searching for them on the actual forums

  1. [ Global Moderators Notice Board] Saves me trying to hunt it down when at uni!
  2. Australian Senate Board
  3. Australian Cabinet Board
  4. Australian Inspector General's Office
  5. Australian "Public Gallery" Board
  6. Senate Library
  7. Senate Voting Archive
  8. Senate Protocols
  9. Bill Archive
  10. General Board Section
  11. Dropbears Board
  12. ACUK Board
  13. AAR Board
  14. The Barracks
  15. ACUK Commanders Page
  16. WikiMania Page
  17. Senate School
  18. eReligions Page
  19. ADSP Board
  20. Australian Independents Board
  21. Australian Military Party Board
  22. Australian Embassies - Useful if you are from other eCountries
  23. Referendums
  24. eAus Forum Support
  25. Military High Command
  26. AAR Commanders Lounge
  27. Dropbears Commanders Lounge
  28. eAustralian University
  29. AAR Platoon 1
  30. AAR Platoon 2
  31. AAR Platoon 3
  32. AAR Platoon 4

Citizen Pages

Pages to Create

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eRepublik Australia WikiProject.