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Hello there! Here I have collected writing such that is interesting or might otherwise be lost. I have chosen to collect the content that I have chosen because I feel it has some significant relevance to eRepublik history. Feel free to link to or copy from my library, since none of it is mine anyways, as long as you give credit to the original author.


I take no responsibility for any of the content made available here. This disclaimer especially applies to (but is not limited to) any article where you may be offended. These are the works of other eRepublik citizens, and should be treated as such. Some articles may be controversial, offend others, or contain intentionally inflammatory material. However, I have chosen to include them anyways, as they add to eRepublik history and contain information about eRepublik events.

** Content that may offend others will be marked with a double asterisk. Read at your own discretion.


Alliance Politics

Revised Charter of PEACE GC by PEACE GC

American Politics

Advice Emericks** by eUSA Forum Members
An Epic History** by Harrison Richardson (aka ThisGenMedia\Franco)
Ajay Bruno** by Various Sources

European Politics

Macedonia sexy country by Belea2008

War Analysis

World War III

Global Defense Report: Days 2-10 by Desertfalcon
Global Defense Report: Days 11-20 by Desertfalcon