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Buona fortuna / Good luck

Buona fortuna! --Mini "Template boy" Bill have a biscuit 19:46, 28 December 2008 (EET)


Have a look :) --Mini "Template boy" Bill have a biscuit 00:58, 31 December 2008 (EET)

Requests for adminship

We would like to know your opinion in this discussion. Thanks for your support! --Admin 13:33, 9 January 2009 (EET)

Thanks for your request for debate about sysops, but i haven't enough skill like Minibill, Aryamehr , Belea2008 and others... Their opinions are great ;) -- pier4reich 09 January 14.46.
All right. We understand! --Admin 11:29, 12 January 2009 (EET)