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I am retiring from the wiki on October 1, 2010

Parting Info to sysops

These are the things that I did to keep the wiki running smoothly.

Maintain Categories

  • Ensure regular naming conventions
  • Delete empty categories
  • Delete meaningless or “self-made categories” (like people who write ”none” for party on the citizen template which creates “People of None” or something like “Awesome Dudes”) To keep things from showing up in categories, remove the selfmade categories from the page and alert the author.
  • Make sure categories are categorized. There are some categories that are parents to others. Special:UncategorizedCategories

New Pages

Patrol new pages Special:RecentChanges

  • Add notices where needed
  • quick delete blank pages or pages that break policies

Site info


  • Ensure that policies are followed eRepublik:Wiki_Policies
  • Maintain open communication with the user community through the bar
  • Create policies (with input) when needed


Goodbye, I will protect you from fakers :)

I've been read your last Wiki Chronicle article, and I believe you're active on the Wiki. I make a map of pro-cheaters, pro-fakers, users that leave from eRepublik by reasons and countries etc.

Have a good game, Have a good day, and the most important is: Have a good life!

When my nick and your eRepublik name unifies the name is made: PikaLincoln

Pikachu is my nick (not my eRepublik name). Pika is the abbreviation.

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