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Uus Eesti

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General Information
Country Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Abbreviation UE
National rank 2
Forum Forum link
Founded January 20, 2011
President lebotaja
Members 13
Congress Occupancy 7/32 seats, 22%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Party-Uus Eesti.jpg

Uus Eesti (Eng. New Estonia) is a political party in Estonia, currently representing libertarian center-left ideologies. One of only four political parties, Uus Eesti was created by vassiliniroda, given cause by the peoples discontent with the politics of the ruling two parties - Isamaalised Liberaalid (Pro Patria Liberals) and Eesti Rahvuslased (Estonian Nationalists). Shortly after formation, the party's official doctrine was written by Enrii Lindebaum which has since had a minor revision made to it. Starting out an authoritarian and right wing party resembling the some time before existent party Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid (Estonian National Democrats) which was lost due to military annexation by Finland, the party has by today moved toward libertarian ideology and left on their economic orientation.

Icon-economy-mic-home.gif Party doctrine


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The purpose of Uus Eesti (New Estonia) is to create a new Estonia which would be stronger and richer than ever before. To find new players and make the game interesting for then so they wouldn't quit after playing only a week.


  • The economy must be set from the perspective of the state. Taxes must ensure a strong state which can and will protect its citizens and economy.
  • Salaries for job offers must be compatible with the worldwide job market to ensure prosperous life for citizens in Estonia. In the case of the salaries being too low in comparison to the worldwide medium, the state must raise the country's level of salary with state companies.
  • Import taxes must be raised for products which have too many suppliers in Estonia who are unable to sell their products. This priorities Estonian entrepreneur and keeps the money made by selling from flowing out of the country.
  • Only Estonian citizens may take part in public procurement and the only currency used must be EEK from the state reserve.


  • Most of the income of the state must be used towards developing and maintaining the military.
  • As long as the existence on a natural enemy gives bonuses to training it must be maintained. The state must guarantee this by participating in a training war or going to war.
  • The decisions of the ABC must be consensual and forcing a member to take part in a war must be impossible. The alliance must stand on it's members own force and free will. No member fees, taxes or other money asking for the alliance is allowed. The alliance must depend on each member countries individual forces, not collective forces of ABC. The alliances goal is to help reduce regional tensions and bring the Baltic countries closer together.
  • Estonia's goal is to increase it's own and ABC-s (but not at the cost of our own) military power and territory. We help countries who have helped us and shown goodwill toward ABC or it's member countries. Helping them must not come at the cost of losing ABC territory or battles.
  • Members of the Estonian Defense Force must be acquainted with the military module, disciplined and in case of an attack on Estonian territory (not only the original territory) be completely armed.

Internal politics:

  • Valitsus peab suhtlema rahvaga ning andma teada rahvale oma plaanidest. Kõik vajalik info peab olema kättesaadav eRepublikus. Kodanik ei pea minema ei foorumisse ega IRC-sse, et saada algelist informatsiooni.
  • eEesti territoriaalseid olusid, näiteks regioonide rentimine ja muid tähtsaid aspekte mõjutavad otsused pannakse rahvahääletusele.
  • eEesti vastu meelega sõdinud isikud on riigireeturid. Vabandavad põhjused on vaid selleks antud vastav käsk Kaitseväe ülemjuhatajalt treeningsõja, maadevahetuse või muu taktilise manöövri korral.
  • Estonia has few residents and therefore cannot allow to give citizenship to foreigners, otherwise, we are prone to becoming a minority in our homeland.

Social politics:

  • Kodanike harimisega peavad tegelema haridusminister ja mentorid. Haridusministri ülesandeks on luua artikkel (artiklid), mida ei oleks raske lugeda ja kus oleks olemas kõik põhiinfo, selgelt ja arusaadavalt. Mentorite ülesanne on suhelda uute kodanikega ning küsida, kas neil läheb millegagi abi vaja. Vastsündinu peab aru saama, kellega tegu on ning sõnum peab olema küllalt lühike, et selle kiirelt läbi saaks lugeda. Vastasel korral võib uustulnukile tunduda mäng keeruline ja võõras kirjasõber ei tundu kuigi kasulik. Mentorite töö pole kopeerida haridusministeeriumi artiklit kirja sisse vaid suhelda inimesega.
  • As long as beginners are entitled to support packages from the Estonian forums, this must be constantly advertised by the state in the form of eRepublik articles.
  • Riik peab osa eelarveülejääke toetustena välja jagama ning teise osa suunama ennetavalt reservi. Toetustena on mõeldavad maalappide ostmise kaasfinantseerimine, raw firmade kaasfinantseerimine jne. Prioriteetsemad on toetused, millega suunatakse EEK-e mängust välja.

Icon position party president.gif Party presidents

Avatar Name Start date End date
Unknown Person.jpg vassiliniroda* 20.01.2011 15.04.2011
Citizen1554437 v2.jpg Enrii Lindebaum 16.04.2011 15.05.2011
Citizen3271457.jpg OliverMasin 16.05.2011 15.06.2011
Unknown Person.jpg vassiliniroda 16.06.2011 15.08.2011
Unknown Person.jpg laurifederal 16.08.2011 15.10.2011
Citizen2690884.jpg Holger Von Bear 16.10.2011 15.12.2011
Citizen4968823.jpg Kerdni Kilegjan 16.12.2011 23.12.2011
Unknown Person.jpg R.Ott 23.12.2011 15.01.2012
Citizen4968823.jpg Kerdni Kilegjan 16.01.2012 15.02.2012
Pelmeen.jpg Viskaja 16.02.2012 15.03.2012
Unknown Person.jpg rednas 16.03.2012 15.06.2012
Unknown Person.jpg c Y r 16.06.2012 15.07.2012
Citizen4968823.jpg Kerdni Kilegjan 16.07.2012 15.10.2012
Unknown Person.jpg rednas 16.10.2012 15.02.2013
Citizen5223907.jpg Uno Nisu 16.02.2013 15.03.2013
Unknown Person.jpg Joonas Uss 16.03.2013 15.05.2013
Citizen3271457.jpg OliverMasin 16.05.2013 15.06.2013
Unknown Person.jpg vidrik 16.06.2013 15.11.2013
Unknown Person.jpg lebotaja 16.11.2013 15.12.2013
Unknown Person.jpg Joonas Uss 16.12.2013 15.02.2014
Unknown Person.jpg lebotaja 16.02.2014 15.08.2014
Citizen3271457.jpg OliverMasin 16.08.2014 15.11.2014
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.11.2014 15.07.2015
Pelmeen.jpg Gta4pk 16.07.2015 15.08.2015
Unknown Person.jpg R.Ott 16.08.2015 15.10.2015
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.10.2015 15.05.2016
Unknown Person.jpg riverton yildiz 16.05.2016 15.06.2016
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.06.2016 15.09.2016
Unknown Person.jpg Joonas Uss 16.09.2016 15.12.2016
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.12.2016 15.01.2017
Unknown Person.jpg Rollepolle 16.01.2017 15.04.2017
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.04.2017 15.09.2017
Unknown Person.jpg lebotaja 16.09.2017 15.03.2018
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.03.2018 15.04.2018
Unknown Person.jpg Rollepolle 16.04.2018 15.05.2018
Unknown Person.jpg kronor 16.05.2018 15.01.2019
Unknown Person.jpg lebotaja 16.01.2019 15.02.2019
Unknown Person.jpg Rollepolle 16.02.2019 15.04.2019
Unknown Person.jpg lebotaja 16.04.2019 Present
  • While the official party president was indeed vassiliniroda, it is argued by many that true leadership was held by the gray cardinal Enrii Lindebaum.