Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti

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Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti

Party-Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Abbreviation VIE
Colors White
Founded 08.04.2009
Dissolved June 2010
Members 340
Congress Occupancy 0 /32 seats, 0%
Succeeds Vabadus-Iseseisev Eesti
Succeeded By Vabade ja Iseseisvate Partei
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti (Free and Independent Estonia, often abbreviated VIE) was, at first, Estonia's only non-takeover party in Estonia. As such, the onflow of real-life Estonians made it become the most popular party in the nation and it has been ever since. The party succeeded in fulfilling its original task and nowadays aims to steer Estonia towards the same goal ideologically.

Party Presidents

  1. Rafterman 16.04.2010 - June 2010
  2. Sir_Tonis2 16.03.2010 - 15.04.2010
  3. ilakott 16.02.2010 - 15.03.2010
  4. Sir_Tonis2 16.12.2009 - 15.02.2010
  5. ErikSword 10.12.2009 - 15.12.2009
  6. Rafterman 16.11.09 - 10.12.2009
  7. Porosus 25.09.2009 - 15.11.09
  8. ken kovask 16.09.2009 - 25.09.2009
  9. s33vald 16.08.2009 - 15.09.2009
  10. Angst Winterblest 16.07.2009 - 15.08.2009
  11. Albertti 16.06.2009 - 15.07.2009
  12. s33vald 08.04.2009 - 16.06.2009

Successful presidential candidates

  1. Angst Winterblest 06.10.2009 - 20.10.2009
  2. Sim Maatriks 06.08.2009 - 05.09.2009
  3. Thucar 06.07.2009 - 14.07.2009
  4. s33vald 06.06.2009 - 05.07.2009
  5. SgtMaj 06.05.2009 - 05.06.2009


  • Anti-aggression behaviour. We strongly oppose the endangerment of the sovereignty of whatever nation and the use of the Estonian military forces for the purpose of assault.
  • Military neutrality. We emphasize strong relations with single nations and do not support being members, and taking part in actions of, military alliances. We agree to defend a nation even if the military alliance of one of our own allies is attacking it.
  • National security. We find Estonia has to maintain a strong military force and strong relations and mutual protection pacts with the influential nations of the New World.
  • The nation's money is there to be used. We agree that social support (food, gifts, tickets) and training wars are essential for the development of the youth of Estonia
  • Estonia is both for Estonians and foreigners. We hope to see Estonia as friendly with all its citizens, despite nationality. We wish to see all national publications also translated into English.
  • Multipurpose tax policy. We find that taxes must prefer the local market, however under no circumstance limit imports from abroad.
  • Semi-competitive training companies. Wages of national training jobs must not compete with privately owned firms, however, not be detrimentally low either.
  • Budgetary government. We support a national budget that is created by the government, approved by the Congress and followed in reality.

There are several kinds of freedom and independence - military (national sovereignty), social (every citizen can comfortably remain his/herself), economical (everyone can attain financial goals without turning for help) to name a few. VIE hopes to steer towards them all - we hope to see a democratically developing free and independent Estonia today, tomorrow and in the future. We hope that whoever votes for us is not distracted by the large amount of members in this party and make their decision based on this statute and the actions of our party members.