Vatreni Gušteri

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Vatreni Gušteri

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General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Total Soldiers 281
Commanded by Knjigovoda
Part of Hrvatska Vojska
Vatreni Gusteri banner.jpg

Vatreni Gušteri (Fire lizards) were formed on 10th September 2009 under patronize of Ministry of Defence and President at the time BorKan, as part of Croatian army that will accept and train eBabies for future military progress. The team that took that challenge was:

Basic info

'Vatreni Gušteri' (VG) are part of Croatian army that serves as training of young players (ebabies) in sense of education in military actions and teaching about basic concepts of the game.
Number of members of the unit depends of number of new players, in this unit players progress really fast.
Members after their training are joining brigades of Croatian army or in one of military group.
Most of members were in November 2009 - about 1400 lizards.

Cro Army Organization.jpg
Main org VG:Cro Army
Cro Army Newspaper.jpg
Newspapers VG: Cro Army

Former HQ:


The activity of Vatreni gušteri is the action that is organized by Command VG and Command of the Croatian army.
'Vatreni Gušteri' are the first line of defence of Croatia.

VG Rules

  • 'Vatreni Gušteri' are obliged to work in military companies.
  • They must follow instructions and orders of their superiors.
  • They have to learn and enjoy the game.




Avatars of Vatreni Gušteri.