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Victoria Diets

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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth Sep 24, 2010
Day 1,039 of the New World
Date of death Jul 15, 2014 (detected)
Day 2429 of the New World
Residence Flanders, Belgium
Sex female
Faith Beerist
(Not official religion)
Newspaper De Dageraad
Deputy Minister of Education and Culture of Belgium
6 November 2010 – 5 January 2011
Congresswoman of Belgium
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant**.png Sergeant**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
The birth of a woman

The Birth of a Woman...

Day 1,039 of the New World, a day as any other. Citizens worked, trained and reaped the benefits. Newspapers were published, the war was waged. And still...Day 1,039 of the New World was not just an ordinary day. It was the day a new Belgian citizen joined the game.

Steady and carefully at first, the name of Victoria Diets soon became known in Belgium. Her newspaper 'De Dageraad' quickly climbed the rankings and became one of the top 50 newspapers of the Country.

Victoria Diets was a voice of reason, ready with analysis on many matters, but wise enough to remain silent on the topics are not her speciality. Communication and politics were her forte, without a doubt. Yet, all work and no play would make Victoria a dull girl. As an apt Beerist, she values good company and even better Belgian beer.

Both at home in the world and Belgium, she tried to combine the best of two Worlds.

The birth of a world

The Birth of a World...

Day 1,039 was also the birth of a new eWorld. It was the day the game became more than simply economics, war and politics.

Convinced the game could be so much more, Victoria Diets has been the driving force behind several cultural projects in Belgium.
She is the creator and owner of the first Virtual museum, Dawn Studios, a multimedia studio and art gallery that has several exhibitions and films on show for citizens to enjoy.

To aid both new and veteran players, Victoria Diets also created the Belgian library, an information hub for all matters Belgian and eRepublik. Many projects (poetry, eSports, ...) will, without doubt, follow these unique projects, to add an extra dimension to the game and involve Belgian citizens in different ways.

The birth of a Congress

The Birth of a Congress...

The time come for Victoria Diets to run for Congress. While other Congress candidates were focused on the economic and military aspects of the game, Victoria continued to focus on other aspects of the game.

The campaign

She held a campaign in which he promoted:
Cultural and sports projects can put Belgium on the international scene, allowing our ambassadors to represent Belgium in a different way. A strong and known Belgium will attract new Citizens and investors. When called to serve in Congress, it will be Victoria's main goal to support Belgium's growth, both nationally as internationally.

She also said that voting for her is voting for:

  • involvement of Belgian citizens, whether they are young or old.
  • a Belgian football league
  • a refreshing, creative approach of the eRepublik
  • Belgium in the world, through support of our ambassadors and international communication
  • cooperation, no matter one's union or political party, towards a strong, unified Belgium.
  • cookies and beer for everyone!