Vincent Rekdal

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Vincent Rekdal

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Nationality Flag-Switzerland.jpg Swiss
National rank 31
Date of birth 17 Dec 2010
Residence Flag-Switzerland.jpg Bellinzona
Sex Male
Political party The Lugangeles Party
Newspaper Ultima Thule
Minister of Education of Switzerland
Jan18 – Feb18
Congress member of Switzerland
Jan11 – Feb11
Feb11 – Mar11
Mar11 – Apr11
Apr11 – May11
Jul11 – Aug11
Aug11 – Sep11
Dec17 – Jan18
President of Switzerland
Feb18 – Apr18
Ago19 – Set19
Military unit Swiss Eagle
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Group captain 0.png Group Captain


Vincent Rekdal is a citizen of Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland since December 2010, 75 times Congress member of the Swiss National Congress, 3 times Country President and Dictator.

Political Activities

He start his political career by fighting against some Icon-Croatia.png Croatian PTOers in Switzerland and taking control of their party Koza Nostra. After the success in the PTOers party election Vincent Rekdal renamed the party Swiss National Front and become the SNF president. During those days was born the friendship with Rican, 'one of the most influential Swiss presidents', and SNF vice president.

After the German occupation of Switzerland, Vincent used a system bug to apply for president of Icon-Germany.png Germany as a protest. In that period his pacifist and anti-imperialist sentiment was born. To fight the invasion, Vincent organized a boycott of the German companies, by suggesting to every compatriot working for a German company to work with low health to cause a damage to their economy. Also against the German invaders he founded the MAS Brigade, an organization dedicated to boycott actions. On January 2011 the SNF reached the 18% at the congress election, Vincent Rekdal is elected for the Svizzera Italiana and Rican for Romandie. In the following five elections, Vincent is always re-elected, always for Svizzera Italiana. He worked a lot to help the italian spoken minority founding the CSI (Comitato per la Svizzera Italiana) and making alliances with a lot of italian politicians like Borgogian.

On February 2011 after the fusion of the SNF and the Swiss Liberal Party, Vicent became the president of the big coalition named Post Tenebras Lux. In the next presidential election due to en error he is candidated for the PTL instead of F4uc0n. For this reason Vincent decided to resign as party president but with the support of all the party he took part on the election won by Dr.Pain. In December 2017 he come back to elife and is elected at the swiss confress for the 7th time.

Date Number of votes Party
25 January 2011 6 votes Swiss National Front
25 February 2011 8 votes Post Tenebras Lux
25 March 2011 7 votes Swiss Reform Coalition
25 April 2011 1 vote Swiss Reform Coalition
25 July 2011 4 votes Swiss Reform Coalition
25 August 2011 1 vote Swiss Reform Coalition
25 December 2017 n/a Swiss Freedom Party
25 January 2018 n/a Swiss Freedom Party


After 6 mandates for the swiss congress Vincent started to become tired of the situation in eSwitzerland, always with the danger of external occupation. With Rican started to work to a new project: the Anti-Imperialist Movement. The AIM was a global project in which every politician of the world could grow a dream of peace and freedom. To start the realization of that dream Vincent decided to move to eChile where he founded the first AIM party, AIM eChile. AIM Chile, however, is not appreciated by the local population, still too tied to the classic schemes so the project failed and Vincent decides to withdraw from public life.


After 7 years, the 8th of December 2017 he came back to his home in eSwitzerland to start a new life. On January 2018 is elected for the 7th time at the Swiss Congress. With the election of Muy Caliente as Country President Vincent is nominated deputy Minister of Education. After the resign of the former MoED Kishvier the 16th of January, Vincent is nominated Minister of Education. During his mandate he starts an international Media Mogul Project involving 150 citizens from all the eWorld. The 25th of January he entered for the eighth time in the congress and he is candidate for CP election of the 5th of february for SFP and SDP.