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eRepublik AmbassadoreRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Poland.jpg Polish
National rank 267
Date of birth 7th June 2009
Residence Little Poland
Sex Female
Newspaper H 2 O 2
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland
6th November 2009 – 5th January 2010
6th April 2010 – 7th June 2010
Spokeswoman of Poland
6th August 2009 – 5th October 2009
Congresswoman of Poland
26th August 2009 – 15th September 2009
Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina of Poland
Foreign Affairs Organizer of EDEN HQ
December 2009 – February 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden
5th September 2010 – 5th December 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland
5th December, 2010 – 5th January, 2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden
5th January, 2011 – 5th February, 2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland
5th February, 2011 – 8th February, 2011
Military unit Polish Civil Army
Military rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Loving wife of StrozeR.

vingaer is a citizen of Poland and one of the most active players of Polish origin in eRepublik. She was a citizen of Sweden, adopted by the handsome Vikings.


She served in various Polish governments (most often as Minister of Foreign Affairs) and EDEN HQ for 10 months, making it almost all of her eLife. She was also active among the community, moderating Polish boards and @ Quakenet. She's the founder of #epl @ Rizon.


She died on 7th of June 2010, asking to be permanently suspended, after her 9th ban for disagreeing with the team. Reasons of her departure can be read in her farewell article[1].

The direct reason for her permanent suspension was a publication of the list of all past and current Polish moderators. She stated that "people should be aware of who is banning them". The team disagreed, permbanning vingaer instead.

Until Polish eRep team is changed, vingaer has announced she will not come back to the game.


vingaer had been unbanned on 1st of September 2010, after being dead for almost 3 months, bringing chaos and destruction among the Polish community. No additional appeals had been sent, as vingaer was perfectly fine with const trolling from her two orgs: sraka-praptaka and l'eau oxygenee. The validity of fp which caused the original temps, leading to the perm, has been questioned, which was the main reason for her sudden resurrection. On the other hand, it must be noted that there was no better way to silence vingaer's long-term campaign against the Team. Additionally, she became a game moderator.

In September 2010, vingaer served as Swedish MoFA in shoot's government. She liked Sweden (and the hot Swedes) so much that she decided to stay upon request of Carradine, the next Swedish CP, and then Valnad, the next-next one. In December 2010 she briefly returned to Poland for her bff StrozeR, signing an agreement with Valnad that she would return to Sweden after a month.

vingaer however remained as Polish presidential advisor, helping smrtan and Cerber from behind the scenes to create the so-called NWO. A plan started in November/December was set to motion and in the end of January a New World Order has emerged. She advised Sweden not to leave EDEN in order to let the Swedish population make their own choice based on what would happen. Few days after the Spanish departure from EDEN, vingaer left to hardcore afk state and did not appear until 30th of May 2011.

After Poland and Hungary were finally merged together, vingaer has no real goal in eRepublik left to achieve.