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God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star

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Icon-Pakistan.png Dioism

This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

In Dioism, Virginization (Or /v/irginization) is the sacramental act of testing one's soul for strengths and weaknesses so they may become a follower of God Emperor Dio Brando. The ceremony is said to test the mind for faith, the soul for purity, and the body for strength.. Virginization is the equivalent to a baptism in the Western hemisphere.

A citizen who completes the rite earns the title of "/v/irgin".

The Ceremony

The Rite of Rayt*
*Translator's Note: "rayt" means "sand".

The ritual begins with a reading of The First Circle. This is said to prepare the untested citizen's mind for the test of their faith. They are told to strip nude (To expose their skin). Then, the... is smothered in sand from the base of Ketu from head to toe. One of two things will happen; the positive result is they feel a pleasurable tingling on their skin, and the negative result is the gruesome and violent combustion of their body.

The Rite of Baraf**
**Translator's Note: "baraf" means "snow".

As soon as the... passes the first test (And only if they pass), the Dioist conducting the ceremony recites The Second Circle to prepare their soul for a test of their ancestry. The naked citizen is promptly covered in snow from the summit of Ketu. Again, one of two things will happen; the positive result is the snow slumping and melting off of the.

The Rite of Jawaani***
***Translator's Note: "jawaani" means "manhood".
After the... has proven himself to have the blood of the chosen people, the Dioist conducting the ceremony will then inform them that the president has been kidnapped by ninjas. The conductor will then have the... complete a game of Bad Dudes without losing any lives to prove his manhood to Dio, as Pakistan has no room for prissy boys. Bad Dudes may be played here. If they are a bad enough dude to save the president, they will have earned the title of /v/irgin.