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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malay
Date of birth March 17, 2008
Date of death summer 2010
Residence Peninsular Malaysia
Sex Male
Mayor of Vermont
September 21, 2008 – October 13, 2008
Vice President of British Honour Party
May 16, 2009 – June 15, 2009
Ambassador of Slovakia
September 6, 2009 – November 30, 2009
Publicity Manager of South East Labor Union
September 27, 2009 – October 18, 2009
Vice President of South East Labor Union
November 9, 2009 – November 30, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

vladtepes was a citizen of Malaysia, born and lived in Peninsular Malaysia.

Life of vladtepes

vladtepes was born in March of 2008 in Albany, USA. vladtepes was just an average worker bee until he joined the USWP in August of 2008. He moved to Vermont and was elected the last mayor of Vermont in the September elections of that year. Due to the death of an RL family member, he left the eWorld from October to January. In January he returned and revived himself, moving to Japan the next month. After two unsuccessful bids for Congress, vlad took the suggestion of an RL friend and moved to the UK and later joined Demokratickid in the British Honour Party. Due to political turmoil within the British Honour Party, and the subsequent defeat of Demokratickid in the election, Vladtepes once more went away in disgust and exited eRepublik, though not for good.

He has since returned and was an active member of the Malaysian community. On September 6, 2009, vladtepes was made eFRoSEA ambassador to Slovakia. On September 27, 2009, vladtepes became Political Advisor and Publicity Manager of South East Labor Union, also known as SELU. Due to RL issues, vladepes stepped down as Publicity Manager of SELU on October 18, 2009. Due to Ali's departure, vladtepes once more took an active role in SELU, running in the CEO election in early November. Despite the close loss, vladtepes was appointed Vice President of the Organization the next day and was given much power over the organization as the election winner, Adzhadi B. Adzman, took a leave of absence.

Election History of vladtepes

Office Location Date Voting Notes
Mayor Vermont, USA September 20, 2008 12-3 First Election Victory
Congress Shikoku, Japan February 15, 2009 Not Qualified Received 2 votes, needed at least 3
Congress Shikoku, Japan March 15, 2009 Not Qualified Received 3 votes, needed at least 5
Party vice president UK May 15, 2009 3-0 Election within executive committee of the BHP
SELU CEO Malaysia November 8, 2009 4-6 Lost Leadership Election

Quotes from vladtepes

 I have never been known as indefatigable, but I wholly commit myself, with the deepest reverence, to any cause which promises to make the eWorld a better place 
(In a message to fellow USWP members, August 13, 2008)
 My friends and colleagues, we stand on a threshold to greater things. For our own party, for our own country, for our own world. Let us lead USA into V1 with honor and pride! Never...shall this be looked upon as a poor decision... 
(Speaking at the United States Workers Party convention, September 5, 2008)
 Luck has never come to those among us who have not worked for what they have tried to gain. 
(In a message to the citizens of Shikoku, March 14, 2009)
 I do not intend to chain myself to a sinking ship, nor should I endeavor to encourage others to do so. 
(Farewell speech to the British Honour Party, June 17, 2009)