Volim Grudi

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Volim Grudi

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation VG
Founded March 15, 2011
President sevrlja
Vice President coolinbun
Members 10
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Anarchist

Volim Grudi is a political party in Serbia which was founded in March 2011 by Ludooki. Its name translated to English means I Love Boobs.

Vision and Mission

Spreading love for boobs all over eRepublik.

Party program

Volim Grudi is a political party only because of the game's limited mechanisms. It is actually a project, or a movement which goal is spreading love for boobs. Volim Grudi isn't male exclusive and accepts both male and female players as its members. Since VG isn't a party in real sense it doesn't participate in Serbia's political life seriously. It doesn't support other parties on elections for Congress or country presidency. When Volim Grudi manages to participate in any of the elections it supports only its own candidates. Quote by Ludooki, the VG founder and Vice President:

We don't go to elections very often, but when we do - we do it for teh lulz.

List of Party Presidents

Term Citizen Name
March 2011 Ludooki[1]
April 2011 Ludooki[2]
May 2011 Ludooki[3]
May 2011 Chopp[4](by resignation)
June 2011 Cici Mici 92[5]
July 2011 omiljeni[6]
August 2011 omiljeni[7]
September 2011 coolinbun[8]

List of Country President candidates

Term Citizen Name Placement Number of Votes
July 2011 Chopp 3rd 515
October 2011 omiljeni 4th 375

Old Avatar

First avatar of Volim Grudi.