Von Stirlitz Files

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von Stirlitz Files

General Information
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Owner 655321
Founded Day 515
Subscribers 880
Articles 100
Content Radioactive

The von Stirlitz Files is the New World's funniest Urdu newspaper. According to Sir Angus McGoat, editor in chief of eVariety, one of the oldest and most well-respected weekly magazines of the eWorld, ‘the von Stirlitz Files is characterised by cheap vulgarity, Dan Quayle-like composition and a complete lack of sense of humour.’


655321 founded the von Stirlitz Files on the 515th day of the New World, in the ambition of very quickly becoming a Media Mogul. The Newspaper had been gathering subscribers at a very slow pace, and it eventually reached 1000 subscribers on Day 810. The number of subscribers went well beyond 2000 later on, but after Plato decided to screw all the e-journalists, and deleted the subscriptions of orgs and dead citizens, it has fallen to around 750.