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The Voting System is the method by which democratic elections take place simultaneously throughout eRepublik.

These elections take place each month and require citizens to have an Adult Title in order to be allowed to vote. Every time a citizen votes, they receive 5 XP.

  • On the 5th of each month citizens can vote on Presidential elections that are taking place in a country.
  • On the 15th of each month citizens can vote on Party elections if they are members of a party.
  • On the 25th of each month citizens can vote on Congress elections in their residential country.

If a citizen has already voted in a country/party, they are not allowed to vote again even if they change their country/party on the same day.

The official results won't be released until 24 hours after the elections have finished. More...

Requirements to become a candidate

  • In order to be a candidate for congress elections, a citizen needs to be at least level 15 (300 XP)
  • In order to be a candidate for party elections, a citizen needs to be at least level 16 (335 XP)
  • In order to be a candidate for president elections, a citizen needs to be at least level 18 (410 XP)

Accessing the voting page

Main article: Elections

Once entered on the voting page (Main menu --> Community --> Elections) there are 3 possible situations:

  • If a citizen is an adult citizen, and they have not voted yet, a list of candidates will appear. A vote is placed by pressing the vote button. After voting, a congratulatory message and partial results will appear.
  • If a citizen is an adult citizen, but they have already voted, they will receive a list of partial results.
  • If a citizen is not an adult citizen, a notification message will appear followed by a list of partial results.

Party Elections

Party elections page - before voting
Main article: Party elections

Citizens need to be a party member in an order to vote in the party elections and, of course, they can only vote for the leadership of their own party - the party president.

Any party member can nominate themselves to become party president by accessing the homepage of their party and clicking on the "Run for Presidency" button.

If there are no candidates for the party president election, the sitting party president retains their position.

Congress elections

Congress election results
Main article: Congress elections

When accessing the voting screen, a citizen will be presented with the parties which participate in the elections for their current citizenship country. Only the top 5 political parties (based on the number of members) will participate in the Congress elections.
To view the candidates, "Show candidates" button of the respective party has to be clicked. The citizen then casts the vote for a party that he/she supports.

After the citizen has voted, the partial results for the congressional elections in their country will be presented.

For information on becoming a candidate for Congress or the duties of a Congress member, see Congress member.
For information on how Congress Members are divided, see Division of congress members.

Country President Elections

Presidential elections official results.

To be a candidate for the presidential elections, you need to complete all of the following three requirements:

  1. Unlock the presidential feature by reaching level 18.
  2. Be a party member.
  3. Be endorsed by any party president, however only a maximum of 5 candidates can be nominated, and they are ranked by the rank of the highest supported party. In case of a tie with the number of party members, the candidate with more experience points will be selected.

Once you have completed all three requirements for becoming a candidate, you will also need to win the elections in order to become country president.

The candidate with the largest number of votes becomes the President. If there is a tie, the highest amount of XP will be taken into consideration.

If the new president is a Congress member, they lose their congress member seat.

Election Review


The election process will end as usual at 00:00 (eRepublik time), but for the next 24 hours, the results will not be final and will be shown as intermediate results. During this time Admins will analyze the votes to ensure the fairness of the elections. If fake accounts were involved in voting, the votes cast by them will be removed. So the winners might easily change if there were fake accounts involved in the elections.

During the 24-hour delay the sitting Presidents, Congress members and Party presidents keep their seats. The alerts and rewards to the winners will be sent at 00:00 eRepublik time and the new Presidents/Congress members/Party presidents will step into office.

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