Wade Seagrave

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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth November 04, 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Minnesota
Sex Male
Congress member of Colorado
February 2009 – March 2009
Preceded by Denversbest02
Succeeded by Josh Frost
Conservative Party Council of Colorado
January 2009 – ?
May 2009 – August 2009
Preceded by Dishmcds
Director of Ambassadorial Affairs of Washington
April 2009 – ?
Preceded by Huskerguy77
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Wade Seagrave was a citizen of the Icon-USA.png United States. Wade was a member of SADD (Statistical Analysis and Development Department), a member of the Economic Council, a member of the Conservative Party, a member of the Conservative Party Council, a Congressman, a business owner, an Ambassador to Indonesia, and member of the United States Airborne.

New World Beginnings

Wade Seagrave entered the New World shortly before Benn Dover's Presidency. Once he joined, he started working at Killing Time's business, where he stayed until it was closed at the beginning of 2009. Once he gained to the required levels, he joined the eRepublicans for Change and the US Army. During this time, he learned Game Mechanics, Tips, and Hints from Tsar Vandall, his eArmy Lieutenant, The Ends of Invention (Org of Killing Time), his employer, and later Desertfalcon, his Party President.

eRepublicans for Change Career

While Wade was a member of the eRepublicans for Change, he spoke when he could, but really didn't do much. He spent most of his early years moving and voting for candidates for Congress. His conversations with Desertfalcon eventually led to his promotion to Conservative Party Councilman, or so he assumes...

Conservative Party Career

In January, Wade Seagrave ran for Congress for the first time, but lost to Denversbest02, but got his endorsement towards the end of his term. In February, Wade Seagrave won the Congressional Elections. While he was in Congress, he also started helping other Conservative Party members work on the Manifesto for the Party. Wade Seagrave collected the data from all party members on the forums, and it is not being implemented into the manifesto.

Congressional Term

Wade Seagrave served during the February 2009 United States Congress.

During his term, Wade Seagrave went in fighting for a few things:

  • Funding for Army Funding
  • Closing War's that weren't being used
  • Increasing MPPs - For Protection and the lulz
  • Supported War with Mexico
  • Supported some of PANEC

During the term, he saw the inner workings of the House of Representin' and also started to meet many other high ranking politicians.

The Move to Lithuania

On March 26, 2009, Wade Seagrave and his successor Josh Frost, came up with an idea about wanting to move to a small country, and starting their own political party, and letting fate take them the rest of the way. On April 8th, 2009, they moved to the new country of Lithuania, and started the Lithuanian Freedom Party.

Early Resistance

When he arrived in Lithuania, almost every person thought the group of people from America were taking part in a Political Takeover. The early resistance took a huge turn during the Party President elections when Wade Seagrave and the other Americans endorsed a real life Lithuanian as the Party President.

Wade's World Food

Wade's World Food was a food company in Lithuania, created by Wade Seagrave.

Back to the USA

Because of the resistance and language barrier that occurred in Lithuania, Wade Seagrave moved back to the USA, and was welcomed by many friends. The experience in Lithuania has been passed on to others and has been used as a learning experience for others who have wanted to know what it is like moving to a new country.

Ambassador to Indonesia

In May, the Huskerguy77 updated the Ambassador system that was in use at the time to make it more fun and useful for everybody. Seeing this as a good opportunity to get in on the action, Wade Seagrave submitted an application to become an Ambassador, preferably one of a Spanish speaking country since Wade could Habla the Español. Wade Seagrave was accepted and became the American Ambassador to Indonesia on May 17, 2009. Each week Wade Seagrave has been releasing an article as all Ambassadors are required to do.

Director of Ambassadorial Affairs

Near the middle of the year, Director of Ambassadorial Affairs Huskerguy77 went missing without any notice. Upon this, the US Ambassadorial System was left without a leader. President Scrabman appointed Wade Seagrave to Director of Ambassadorial Affairs immediately and Wade Seagrave got to business.

Since Wade became Director of Ambassadorial Affairs, the US Ambassadorial Office has seen many new changes to the Ambassadorial System.

Church of Valkyrie (political party)

In 2010, it was discovered that Wade is a member of Church of Valkyrie (political party), serving as EUROCOM Director.

Army Career

Wade Seagrave joined the Army in C1 (1st Army, Charlie Company, 1st Platoon) (which he claims will always be his "home platoon") under the command of Tsar Vandall. He swiftly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Sergeant, and then to Lieutenant when Tsar Vandall retired. Since then, (As he would say...) "The Army screwed up the platoons" (Or rearranged them) and he is now Lieutenant of the 2nd Army, 1st Company, 3rd Platoon. He is now in it until he can join the Marines to hopefully see the world.

In late May of 2009, the United States Military created the Airborne wing to ease the Marines' waiting list. This was comprised of people who were on the waiting list to get into the marines, but had not yet been accepted into them. Wade Seagrave joined up and served in the Romania deployment of early June.

He was formerly a member of the Airborne, 101st, 2nd Platoon, although he resided in the Austria at that time.