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Nationality Flag-Chile.jpg Chilean
Date of birth Dec 26, 2009
Date of death Summer 2013 (est)
Residence Chile
Sex Male
Newspaper The Revolution Diaries
President of Chile
6 August 2010 – 5 September 2010
Preceded by El Nihilista
Succeeded by RonixxD
Party president of Union Democrata Liberal
16 April 2010 – 15 June 2010
Preceded by x_moreno
Succeeded by Miguel Amigo
Congress member of Union Democrata Liberal
26 March 2010 – 25 May 2010
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Walakun, previously known as walaylo, was President of Chile in August '10.


Walakun was a member of several military units, including:


walaylo has been elected into the Congress of Chile on 2 occasions in the past for Union Democrata Liberal in Chile .

walaylo is a former two time party president of the Union Democrata Liberal, elected in March '10 and April '10.

walaylo was President of Chile in August '10.

Party memberships

walaylo was a member of several parties, including:


walaylo owned the newspaper The Revolution Diaries, formerly known as Cronicas de RE.


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