Walter Bruce Willis

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Walter Bruce Willis

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 845
Date of birth 8th November 2008
Residence South Korea
Sex Male
Congress member of South Korea
26 January 2009 – 26 March 2009
Minister of Defense of South Korea
February 6 2009 – April 1 2009
March 22 2010 – May 7 2010
Ambassador to North Korea of United States
December 4 2012 – 2013
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman 1st Class ****

Walter Bruce Willis formerly known as Aarons-Miller is citizen of USA.


He started in Kansas where he ran for Congress but he didn't win.

Aarons-Miller was in the National Guard for a short amount of time and rose up in the ranks very fast and retiring at the rank of Major of Division 2. He moved to Brazil for a little while, and then to North Korea. He was Party president of the North Korean Communist Party.

His resume looks like this:

  • Former People's Communist Party president
  • Ambassador to NK
  • Former Minister Of Defense South Korea - 3 Years
  • Former 6 Term Congressman.
  • Former US National Guard, Major, Company CO.
  • Former Korean Nationalist Party President - 3 Years
  • Former North Korean Communist Party President - 2 Terms


Aarons-Miller owned several companies in the past:

  • Jayhawk Grains
  • Jayhawk Irons
  • Ayu & Miller Corporation which was a holding of four companies.

Today he is the press director of United States Embassy NK.


Aarons-Miller was Elected to Congress in January 2009.

Minister Of Defense

Aarons-Miller was the Minister Of Defense in Icon-South Korea.png South Korea for two months during that time he organized a army, that army had weapons and gifts and food which was based of the Romanian and United States Army. Aarons-Miller was the South Korean Minister of Defense on several occasions.

President Of South Korea

President of South Korea for 24 hours (explanation below)- April 29 2009 after Impeachment of PowerSweden[?].

Presidents - April 2009
Icon-South Korea.png South Korea - A pre-election impeachment made against then president Francis DeBoyle resulted in the rightful winner PowerSweden being impeached and replaced by TokiWart00th.

Admins fixed this bug within 48H but too late to prevent China invading SK. TokiWart00th & third placed Aarons-Miller left SK during the war and once PowerSweden had repelled the Chinese he asked to be impeached.

During the impeachment vote Aarons-Miller returned to SK and became president for 24H until the bug was again resolved by admins leaving SK with no president until the election of Yonai Keiko.