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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

War games are, quite simply, an arrangement where the war is not serious. They are generally fought between unofficial allies, with a weaker nation attacking a stronger one, so that no region is actually conquered in the process.


  • Citizens gain experience points each time they fight in a battle.
  • The damage citizens do in war games counts towards their military rank. This, in turn, allows them to do more damage in the future. Participating countries are thus likely to do better in real wars.
  • Every day that a citizen fights allows them to make use of their region's hospital. Citizens are thus able to maintain wellness easily by limiting the number of fights while using a high-quality hospital.
    • Example: If a citizen fights four times and then uses a Q5 hospital, he comes out 10 wellness ahead of where he started.
    • This allows citizens to maintain a high level of wellness. The country's companies enjoy higher productivity from having healthy workers. In other words, war games can help the economy.

Irish War Games

This was an arrangement between Ireland, the USA and allied nations. It was started on May 5, 2009, following the reelections of Irish president Nithraldur and American president scrabman. Ireland traditionally attacks the neighboring US region of Rhode Island, which the USA and 18 allies from around the world easily defend.

New battles started at an average rate of every three days or so. There have been 11 to date. 440,000 fights have taken place in the process, giving over 880,000 experience to citizens around the world. The effort is projected to have cost over 2,500 gold from war and battle declarations alone.

Cuyo War Games

Between Chile, Argentina, and 22 allied nations, these war games also began on May 5, 2009. Chile attacks the Argentine region of Cuyo, which is easily defended.

There have been 18 battles so far, taking place slightly more often than the Irish war games. Over 817,000 fights have taken place, impressive considering that perhaps 530 gold has been spent on the arrangement.

Southeast Asian War Games

Between Malaysia, Philippines, and many other nations, these war games began back in August 2009 and are still running today.