War of the Beers

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War of the Beers
Date Day 1,568 –
Day 1,589
Location Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands & Icon-Belgium.png Belgium
Result Draw
Territorial Changes Netherlands and Belgium signed the Peace treaty and both got back their original territories
Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Icon-EDEN.png EDEN Icon-Belgium.png Belgium
Commanders and Leaders
Joep O

War of the Beers, which is sometimes referred to as the Dutch War of Aggression, was a conflict fought between Icon-Belgium.png Belgium and the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands in March 2012. The events surrounding the war proved to be an interesting time for Belgium who at that point tried to maintain neutrality and avoid being involved in wars, especially the ones between Terra/EDEN and ONE.


The War of the Beers started after the Dutch President Auggustus declared war upon Belgium on day 1,568. The War was one of his election promises[1]. At the time, the Belgian president was GoopyPants.

The invasion of Belgium had been in discussion by the Dutch for some time but the Dutch never concluded a final decision. Until Auggy got into the Catshuis.

The War

On day 1,568 the Dutch started their invasion, by attacking Wallonia. They quickly wiped Belgium after. The Dutch didn't have that many problems conquering the Belgian lands, but they did have a hard time in the Resistance Wars. Thanks to the help of their Venezuelan Allies, Belgians managed to RW themselves free fairly quickly during the nights.

After the Belgians RW'ed themselves out, the Dutch began a second offensive in order to wipe Belgium again. However, the Dutch lost at the second battle of Wallonia and Belgium got the initiative. The Belgians counterattacked the Dutch and won 2 regions, Southern Netherlands and Western Netherlands.

The Dutch got back the initiative at the Battle of Northern Netherlands and quickly RW'ed themselves out again with the help of EDEN. The Netherlands wiped Belgium for the second time in the war.

The Dutch and the Belgians ping-ponged again and Belgium managed to conquer one region from the Netherlands again.

Netherlands and Belgium both agreed that the war was too tiring and agreed to cease fire and sign peace treaty. The Netherlands would wipe Belgium one last time to close the natural enemy law in effect.

Media War

A Media War quickly started as well. On the Dutch side Konrad Neumann[2] and van Spijck were particularly active. Because of the war in the media, the war became to be known as 'The War of the Beers'.

Both sides tried to convince the other that their beer was way better and that the only reason behind the Dutch aggression was the 'good' beer in Belgium. On the other hand, the Dutch claimed that they wanted to enlighten the Belgians with 'real' beer.