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War stash is a special Supply pack available to purchase at a price of Icon-Euros.gif 9.9 €. A citizen can only purchase one Pack every 30 days. Once purchased, the benefits of the War Stash will be active on the citizen account for 30 days (Gold, Bazookas, Energy Bars don't have an expiration date).


  • Q: How many times can I purchase the War Stash?
    • A: Each citizen can only purchase the War Stash ONCE every 30 days.
  • Q: Will I get access to the Bronze Loyalty Program if I purchase the War Stash?
    • A: No, you can only gain access to the Bronze Loyalty Program if you purchase the normal Supply pack.
  • Q: I have started the purchase but I have changed my mind and closed the page or clicked the back button, now the banner is gone.
    • A: Once you click on the offer and go the payment provider page, the banner disappears for 1-2 hours. If you want to go to the payment methods and check out more payment options, click Cancel after inspecting each option, so you can still see the banner.
  • Q: How can I get the banner back?
    • A: After 1-2 hours clear your cache/cookies and the banner should be back on your homepage.
  • Q: Why haven't I received the War Stash after making a purchase via UltimatePay?
    • A: Sometimes the processing can take up to several hours or days depending on your location. Usually, after purchase, you will get the information on how long it can take for the purchase to be processed.
  • Q: I started a transaction via a payment provider but the War Stash was not added fast enough, the banner appeared again and I started a second transaction via another payment option. I was charged TWICE but only received a single War Stash. What should I do?
    • A: Once you know you have been charged, have a bit of patience and wait for the payment process to be successfully completed, before trying another payment option. For the second purchase you will receive the amount of Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD.


  1. The timer for the bonuses (30 days) is activated when the War Stash is added to your account.
  2. Purchases made via "Buy for a friend" option will not give the 10% more gold bonus.

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