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Norway has played an important role for EDEN in the Great War of 2009. After facing annexation at the hands of PEACE Global Community, USA fought back and eventually gained a foothold. Norway blocked Russia, so that USA could carry out their military operations. This obviously angered both the Russians and PEACE, and Russia went on an offensive together with the United Kingdom, declaring war on Norway.

Norway was also the target of PEACE GC during their Operation Valhalla, where they tried to "liberate" the Norwegians from their "Swedish and Finnish oppressors", and stop Norway from being "used" by EDEN.

April 2010 PTO war

During a 24 hour PTO, Russia, United Kingdom as well as Sweden was attacked, activating hostile MPPs while cancelling all but one of Norway's own. Despite this being a result of a PTO, the United Kingdom decided to attack the Sorlandet and Vestlandet regions. Russia soon after attacked Nord-Norge and Trondelag, while Sweden in a belated EDEN effort attacked Ostlandet, leaving Svalbard & Jan Mayen as the only original region under Norwegian control. As the investigation of the PTO leading to the war revealed that multiple account control had been in effect, the admins interrupted the war, cancelled UK and Russia MPPs and returned all regions back to Norway.

June 2011 ABC War

Relations between Finland and Estonia had been simmering for months following an invasion of Estonia earlier in the year. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania signed an alliance treaty forming the ABC block, with friendly links to ONE. A conquest of Belarus was quickly arranged and completed while Estonia took on Russia. Russia signed peace with Estonia, while continuing to fight with Lithuania, leaving Estonia with only one option for NE: Finland. With its allies it quickly conquered Finland and reached Norway's borders. Again, with no other option it declared NE with Norway and quickly overran the country while it had few allies.

A concerted effort to RW Norway's original regions managed to succeed but only long enough to allow Lithuania to invade from its Russian territory.
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