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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth March 03, 2008
Date of death N/A
Residence Kanto, Japan
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Party president of National Party of Japan
May 2008 – October 2008
Succeeded by Antonio Fonti
President of Japan
2 August 2008 – 5 November 2008
Preceded by Origineel.NL
Succeeded by Antonio Fonti
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

WaseemK, also known as whac and King Waseem) was a Japanese citizen who later took Pakistan citizenship. He is the Press director of the The Global Chronicle, previously known as Chronicles of whac. He was the President of Japan; one of the 50 most influential Americans, he signed the PEACE Global Community treaty for Japan (As a founding Nation) and is the owner of several corporations worldwide. He was party president of the Tequila Fitness Club.


Early History

King Waseem was born in the early days of Erepublik during BETA, and originated from the USA.

Political Career:

in USA

During his time in the USA, his first notable position was that of Vice-President of the Democratic Party, which was then the third largest political party in the USA. His first government posts were those of DoD medic, and Unemployment Officer; including two terms as Congressman. However, following the USA-Canada War, he soon became disillusioned with the views of those in power and the perceived rampant corruption. As such, he decided to begin anew in Japan during Origineel.NL's first term as Japanese President.

in Japan

Once in Japan, Waseem was swiftly given a ministerial position on the basis of his significant political experience; towards the end of Origineel.NL's first term as President, King Waseem would be appointed Vice-President of Japan, which carried on throughout Origineel.NL's second term. During Origineel.NL's third and last term, King Waseem was appointed as Prime Minister, being effectively equal to the president in power, if not in the official hierarchy. He finally succeeded Origineel.NL as President in the next elections.

King Waseem's presidency lasted a whole three terms. Following his third term, he planned to step down in favour of new blood, and in the process, publicly endorsed Antonio Fonti for the upcoming presidential elections. His presidency has been credited with:

  • Maintaining economy stability: ridding Japan's dependence upon foreign goods; achieving a minimized and consistent rate of inflation; surpassing Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands in official rankings
  • Doubling Japan's Gold reserves
  • Purchasing Japan's first Q4 Hospital
  • Providing free nationalized health-care
  • Improving foreign relations with all neighbouring countries
  • Signing the PEACE Global Community alliance charter; thereby ensuring Japan's security and raising Japan's public profile
  • Helping in the defence of Hungary during World War I
  • Establishing the new national forum

However, following the "Forum-Gate" scandal, he has been accused of various debatable charges ranging from elitism to tyranny. Such accusations however, have gone nowhere in particular and have seemingly died off without further consequence. He has served a total of 6 terms as Congress (4 in Japan; 2 in USA) He has served 6 terms as Party president of the National Party of Japan; Tequila Fitness Club.

Business Mogul

Before becoming President of Japan, he has owned at any given time anywhere between one and 9 companies ranging across all industries. He had nine companies to his name, shared with good friend and business partner, Origineel.NL.

Media Involvement

He owned the Japan Times newspaper, which had the 2nd highest level of subscriptions seen by the Japanese media at that time.


King Waseem formally became president of Japan on August 2008. He had very long presidential term serving total of 90 days, when the presidency was handed down to Antonio Fonti. He was the fourth president of Japan, and this period enjoyed stable political leadership. He is often credited as one of the best president of Japan, but some critics argue him to have turned corrupt during end of his presidency. Although there is lack of data, evidence, and prof to support this, His administration, extremely successful during the beta, was very well planned, and thought through.

Social and Economic Improvements

King Waseem is credited with his effort to stabilize the Japanese economy from dependence of the foreign imports. He minimized much inflation, and worked very hard to increase Japanese national standard to surpassing several nations. He had improved many of the foreign relationship with other countries, and worked hard to create PEACE GC Alliance, after the creation of the Atlantis treaty. He is known to critic for the supporter of the government owned business, National Bank of Japan, and had enlarged its power over to economy to extend health care to anyone who needs it in Japan. Also, to improve many of the communication issue faced within Japan, King Waseem had set up the updated Japan forum to improve the communication between players. Some critics argue that the forum was success, but others also argue that forum had created division within Japan of those who had voice and those who doesn't. He was very popular in the early years of his presidency, with an extremely high approval rating. However, near the end of his administration, he had began to lose popularity and support among some, and faced many national crisis and scandals, which has further led to decline of support among some. Over all, he was very loved and respected in Japan, and was a very great president, offering Japan a degree of self prosperity.

Gifting Crisis

During his second term in office, King Waseem Administration was hit with the gifting crisis, which had led to decline in the consumption of the gift by Japanese citizens. Until then, the gift was in high demand within Japanese citizens, to improve their wellness. At the same time, numerous gifting companies in Japan had collapsed. Also combined with this, a citizens from another country came into japan, and mass bought gift, and fled from Japan, which depleted the entire supply of gift within Japan. With such high demand, and lack of supply, the price of the gift almost tripled within Japan. This had led to decline in gift usage within japan, which led to staggering of the gifting sector of the economy.

Korean Problem

During his administration, there were numerous Korean uprising, and freedom movement within Japan. This was mostly fueled by the multi accounting citizens who wanted Korea as an independent country. Although this was never a large problem and had short life, this created a flood of spams into the media. Also, this left many question unanswered, as such as to the future fate of Korea. These activist movement, although never harmful or threatening to Japan, was another important aspect of Waseem Administration.


As the Beta started to approach the end, and focus beginning to shift toward V1, there were total of two hacking incident, which had led Japan into confusion. Hackers were able to gain easy access into King Waseem's account, and steal Gold from within Japanese Treasury, and ship it off shore out of our reach. This led to unrest within the currency of Japanese Yen, and led to the inflation, which created some minor problems within Japan. Japan was also left without leader, and showed its vulnerability toward hackers. Although we were able to gain back the lost, it had left some scar to trust from some players to Waseem. Although critics argue that it was mainly fault of the lack of security in eRepublik placed on by Admins, Some argue that it was also the sign of the some possible attack which could happen in Japanese Government.

Version One

Still in middle of the Hacking Crisis in Japan, a more confusion occurred in Japan, as the Bata ended, and V1 finally set its foot on the land. With great change and very different interface, it had led many good percentage of Active Japanese citizens to leave Japan completely, out of the land, and had led to shortage of workers and consumers. It had also further weakened the economy, and currency with early confusion, and speculation. Also, Japan was left without the leader, since King Waseem was still hacked, and did not posses a method to get into his account. This was the first greatest catastrophe in the History of Japan, and many scholars agree that it had changed the political and economic life of Japan completely. Because of the fact many of the old Beta governmental ideology and plans no longer applied, or was possible, Waseem Administration faced many troubles to get the country together and running. The country fell apart into confusion, and many had left to other lands, which only few stayed. The country was never returned to stability both socially, economically, and politically. The early bugs and troubles of the V1 also fueled the crisis, only making the country fall deeper into the crisis. The fall country fell apart with this crisis.

Economy also played important role in this crisis. With change of the economic and company structure in V1, many of the Japanese company fell apart, and was not able to function. Lack of raw resource near the beginning led to huge inflation, and played part to kick start Second Greatest Crisis in Japanese History.

Great Economic Disaster

With the Version One crisis, It had only brought Japan into worst situation. With lack of human resource, and lack of raw material, it led to chain disaster, which had led to closure of all of the company in manufacturing sector. The whole institution of the economy crushed, and failed, and led to high unemployment rate, and more people fleeing to other countries. Some raw material company sprung up to hire those workers, but unemployment rate stayed high, and depression had set its course. Government were unable to provide support to company owners nor workers, and was faced with the biggest economic problem in Japanese history. This was disastrous to Japan, pushing the entire market of Japan into economic depression. The people became pessimistic, and had led to emerge of some more extreme less modest leaders, who were unhappy with the action of the government. The high deflation hit Japan, and dropped price of all commodity, and dropped average wage of Japanese citizens.

Schutzstaffel Scandal

King Waseem, on the 27th of the October, had publicly accused theagent007 and National Alliance Party of supporting bribery within Japanese Congress, with his secret access to the privacy within the forum for National Alliance Party. Although NA Party itself was later found to be innocent, and the claim as a false alarm, it created many controversies, and also some counter accusation against King Waseem about being Tyranny, and Elitist in Japan, supporting only the small portion of Japan. He was also accused as the supporter of rule of fear, with his Secret Service (Nicknamed by some as Schutzstaffel, thus the name Schutzstaffel Scandal) controlling and overlooking every information of Japan and the obliteration of privacy and freedom of Japan. The Secret Police, although supported by the few, had very negative reception to many members of Japan, and had created the biggest controversy within Japanese history. Some feared new information being bleached, and others stopped to talk about sensitive material, for the fear of being accused. Although non of the accusation to King Waseem or Theagent007 was ever solved or proved to be true, this made the strong division within the Japanese politic with different parties on each others necks. Many critics do agree that this scandals were the real turning point for many parties, and Waseem's loss of trust and support from some groups of the Japanese society. Some of the most devastating effect was the Waseem Administration's complete loss of support from National Alliance Party, Second most powerful Party within Japan, which had led to strong division in politics. The controversy of Schutzstaffel still remains, and question about the privacy and liberty of individuals within Japan still remains unsolved.

Personal Life

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

He is a blessed Dioist, and is apparently quite well connected across Erepublik. Speculations have arisen as to his actual age due to the front half of his hair being black and the back being white. But through anonymous sources; it has been hinted that he is under the legal drinking age. It is unknown whether his hair is naturally that curly or whether it is the result of extensive time spent with a curling iron or of other methods known to achieve a perm. After retiring as president, he is expected to spend more time at his Q5 mansion (courtesy of Serenity Housing. After stepping down he is planning on running for President of Malaysia to implement some great new ideas he came up with.