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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korean
Date of birth 29 July 2008 - Day 252
Date of death June 2009
Residence Gyeonggi-do
Newspaper Expatriate Observer
Triumvir of The Party of South Korea
Day 358 –
Congress member of Gyeonggi-do
Day 402 –
Ambassador of South Korea
Day 414 –
Military rank Icon rank Private***.png Private***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Watcher was a citizen of USA, who became involved in an attempt to explore the theory of Command Economy in the new economic environment of V1. The experiment was originally set up by The Triumvirate: Teacher, Watcher, and Father in South Africa]. After losing the November 5 elections' members of The Party disbanded and moved to South Korea where they gained power.

Watcher was a Party president - Triumvir of The Party. The Triumvirate was a three-member group at the head of INGSOC-The Party. The initial founders are unknown but is widely believed to be the first 3 members of The Party, Father, Teacher and Watcher. It is believed that the three initial Triumvirs were Father, Teacher, and Watcher, sent to South Africa by Big Brother (not necessarily the citizen of USA with the same name, although it was suggested that he was one and the same) to complete the task of reforming the country to fit INGSOC policies. They later moved to South Korea.

Along with friends Teacher and Father - who was born Peregrine, they founded The Party as a poorly understood political experiment and an attempt to explore the theory of Command Economy in the new economic environment of V1. Try as they might to maintain a darkly humorous pseudo-Orwellian society, their experiment ran afoul of various interests and dissolved after six weeks, the last four of which were spent directly in charge of South Korea running as a complete but controversial experimental command economy. Shortly after the dissolution of The Party Watcher disappeared along with the other leaders of the organization and was not to be seen or heard from again.

Watcher served as a Congress member for The Party, and as the official Ambassador to Japan ever since the Day 414 Resistance war in Jeollanam-do.

Watcher's death was recorded in June 2009.


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Hard Worker (x2)
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Congress Member (x2)
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Party President* (x1)