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On day 2156 (15 October 2013), weekly leaderboards have been introduced. Every citizen can compare some of the game statistics and compare them with others.

On the top you have the countdown when the leaderboards are going to be reset and the past winner of the category. At the end of each week, every category's top 3 units and top 3 citizens receive a corresponding decoration; it's displayed in decorations section of the profile for citizens and at the top of the page for military units, on the sides of the logo.

At the moment there are 3 main categories:

All of the categories consist of damage and opponents defeated tabs, for both ground (tanks) and aerial (aircraft) battles.


In citizens category Damage tabs lists citizens with the top damage in your citizenship country, while the opponents defeated lists the number of the citizens defeated in the battle, as well, sorted by the biggest number in your citizenship country.

Both of the tabs has two filters - military unit and national. Military unit filters the top fighters in your unit. Also, they have a country filter on the top right part of the page, just below the countdown clock, which can also filter by different countries, military units, divisions and weekly leaderboards history. Note: If you click national, you cannot search through different military units.

Military units

Military units category lists the top military units in the country. Also, it has a country filter on the top right part of the page where you can filter by different country and weekly leaderboards history.


Countries category lists the top countries of the New World. As well as previous categories, it has a country filter, but it can only filter according to the weekly leaderboards history. In addition to damage and opponents defeated tabs, this category also contains domination points tab, which summarises all domination points won by countries in each division of all battles they fought during the week.

Important notes

Please note that:

  • Any damage is counted, bombs, rockets, bazookas and guerrilla fights included.
  • The damage and positions are updated every 15 minutes.
  • The leaderboards are reset every Tuesday at 00:00 eRepublik time.
  • When changing the citizenship, the change will apply to the leaderboards starting from the next Tuesday.
  • The history filter can only show up to 3 weeks in the past.