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The Western Australia Incident occurred at the end of the Battle for Western Australia, a battle between Indonesia, Australia, and their allies.[1] It involved the battle for Western Australia, which began officially at 23:32 eRepublik time, April 09, not closing after the traditional 24 hour time period was concluded. The battle went unexpectedly into overtime, and there was much evidence to show that the Australian defenders brought the battle into No Mans Land (see Evidence listed down further), however, due to a bug in the eRepublik Battle Application, the battle continued.[2] As the battle was in No Mans Land for such a long period of time, the majority of troops from Australia and its Allies did not continue fighting, and instead trusted in the goodwill of Admin, instead taking multiple screenshots and submitting tickets about the battle not closing.

Before the incident

Previously, several bugs existed in the notifications system, including those that occurred regarding Gauteng, Northern Territory, and Sorlandet.

In the battle that occurred prior to the incident, the battle of Northern Territory, tickets were also submitted due to the battle not closing when it was supposed to, despite the battle being more than 400,000 damage points into No Mans Land for several hours after the battle should have concluded.

Example ticket and its official response

This battle was part of the larger conflict between EDEN and Phoenix, and was also part of the Great Southern War. Conquering the region, revealed by Admin to soon thereafter be a region of high Titanium, meant is was a region of massive wealth. It was also one of the Indonesian president's national goals for the month, while Xavier Griffith's goals were to maintain its current regions.[3][4]

Damage inlficted

Indonesia inflicted 8,051,093 damage compared to Australia's defense of 7,689,559 points, making the battle the largest in eRepublik history, until being surpassed by the battle of Rhone Alps.[5][6]

Citizen responses regarding the incident

Given that hundreds of eRepublik citizens saw the battle poise for roughly 9 minutes in No Mans Land after the close of the battle, many citizens were confused by the fact that the battle did not end, as overtime is meant to be sudden death.

One of the tickets submitted to Admin about the issue

There was even a video recording made of the battle, taken by Agentgreeny.[7] Numerous forum threads were created in response to the battle. As well as these threads, several threads were created by Indonesian citizens thanking Admin for their response to the incident.

WahooBob's avatar after the incident

Response from Admin regarding the incident

After many days, Admin released a response about the WA incident.[2] Although the incident is now officially closed, many citizens in both Australia, EDEN, and the Brolliance were disappointed at the outcome of these events, especially as there was much conclusive evidence that the battle should have closed after Australia took the battle into No Mans Land 3 times. The fact remains though, that Admin have decreed that they are not going to overturn the final verdict, and so Western Australia was officially occupied by Indonesian forces.

Result of the Western Australian Incident

As a result of this incident, Western Australia was officially annexed as part of Indonesia, on April 10, 2010. The region of Western Australia would ultimately be held by Indonesia until five minutes before April 29, 2010 (Day 890), when EDEN and Brolliance troops, particularly the USA, fought to free the region from Indonesian control.

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