White Eagles

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White Eagles


WE will rise our shields!

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Total Soldiers 25
Commanded by eREP JOHNNY DEPP
Part of Serbian Special Forces

White Eagles (WE) is the first Serbian military unit formed after the introduction of Serbia in the New World. It was created on the 506th day of the New World.

White Eagles are fighting on the side of Serbia and were fighting for PEACE GC alliance.
The founder of the unit is Sakal_ks.

The unit on its beginning lived in Podolia and today they still have their resource company IRON Q4. Hence the mistake, which some people abuse and spread negative propaganda against White Eagles.
At the time wages were small and soldiers were unable to travel, so that the members of the unit who were in Podolia fought on the side of Romania, (that was in the days when Podolia was region of Romania. Also note that Podolia had several owners Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Indonesia). At that time, White Eagles was a small unit under the command of a Vojska eSrbije (VeS).

After the TO of Croatia, the leader Sakal_ks left on a well-deserved holiday and he left Milojica and RaleX037 in charge. By taking the unit, the two agreed about the basic strategy of managing the unit and they begun the first recruitment, which encountered an incredible response. The unit was growing and establishing primarily friendly relations between all members of the unit. From 30 members, the unit strength rose to 70, and after the recruitment to 90.

It has grown to nearly 150 members. For two months, power units increased, and was 17x greater than at the beginning of this team.

National WE Avatars

WE Serbia WE Croatia WE BiH WE Macedonia
WE Serbia WE Croatia WE BiH WE Macedonia

WE Rank Avatars

Unit Commander
Unit Deputy Commander

Anniversary avatars

5th anniversary
5th anniversary

Rights and Duties of the White Eagles

  • Orders from the White Eagles Supreme Command are obeyed with no protest or exception.
  • Abandoning the Unit willfully is forbidden. If you leave the Unit that way once, you can consider yourself expelled forever. Supreme Command will be notified of your behavior
  • White Eagles is a multinational, multireligious and all-gender Unit. No ethnic, political, gender or religious discrimination is allowed!

Becoming a White Eagle

  • Unpunished citizen with minimum strength of 6000+ for men, or 5000+ for women
  • Soldier to be active at least twice a day (during the day and in evening)


White Eagles Command

April 06, 2009 Sakal_ks, Ljudislav
Jun 2009 Milojica, RaleX037
September, 2009 Sakal_ks, JinX_bG
October 30, 2009 IvanMiletic, Nikola Novkovic
Novenber 02, 2009 electric.mojo, cHo_Lee

Forming SSF

Along with FRONT, Guardian Angels, Tesla Troopers and Vukovi, in March 2011, WE joined the project of forming, so called, Serbian Special Forces. The idea was to create fast response, self-financed mobile unit to spread Serbia's diplomatic and military influence around the New World.

It was not easy at the beginning. SSF was attacked numerous times from Serbian politicians, but, throughout its actions proved the purpose of existence and set the example for other military units around the New World to be organized the similar way.

The main policy in forming SSF was trust and fully transparent finances at any time and, also, its military influence with detailed statistics. All of that makes SSF most trusted military unit in the New World.

Merging with SSF

In the beginning of 2014, SSF units (Front of Heroes, Guardian Angels and White Eagles) entered Vukovi ingame unit, so the whole formation is now ingame in one unit. They have since won first place at national weekly leaderboards each week. This is only ingame, every unit kept its avatars and separate IRC channels.