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The Great White Father

White Lion Order (WLO) is a group of people who commanded armies, who were masters of an economy and could produce huge amounts of profit in just a few weeks, some were great planners and negotiators without comparison. Many of the members have been in the EDEN Headquarters. Communication was done through IRC-channel #WhiteLionOrder @ Rizon.net.

Ad Victoriam!

The Crusades of the Order

1st Crusade: Singapore
Leader: Erius

2nd Crusade: Switzerland
Leader: Potaatti

3rd Crusade: Cyprus
Leader: Erius

4th Crusade: Singapore
Leader: erech

History of WLO

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Erius, the High Priest, heard holy words of Tewio when he was in Finland. Tewio said, that Erius must take some members and go to Holy land, Singapore.

Erius started to gather his friends to that trip, then WLO moved to Singapore. WLO worked on there, made some companies, helped it armies and joined to politics. In Singapore, WLO made new friends and helped it a lot, High Priest, Erius, was Sol chairman and president.

Then in one day, Potaatti informed to our group, that Tewio called him to go to their next holy land, Switzerland, gather members to go there and help its citizens.

 Tewio asks only that you obey 

The legend of the Tewio

Tewio in his fighting stance

It is said that the world was born from the egg of swan, which was reformed by gods. Mother Earth let the forests grow and mountains rise sky-high and the Lord of the Sea commanded the water to gain the majority of the world.

The world was still unoccupied, and gods moved to their Pantheon, but there was still one deity who walked the earth. He was known as Tewio, the Great White One, and He went through the whole world many times, looking for His own place. Unlike many other gods, He hadn`t helped with the world's creation and He didn`t enjoy the presence of the other gods – this is why He didn`t go to Pantheon with His brothers and sisters.

Tewio had taken the form of the big white lion in the world as soon as it was ready, and this form pleased the other gods. They created the world's first animal - a lion. Unfortunately, they found out that Tewio`s white color was due to His might and purity and - therefore, lions do not become white, because they were not nearly as powerful as their idol.

After the lion, gods created many other creatures – including human. When Tewio saw human He was pleased – He decided to live amongst them and teach them. First men were scared because of Tewio`s lion form but soon they learned to respect this deity who helped them and taught them how to live a good and peaceful life.

But human nature is volatile. Most of the human race was scattered to tribes and some of them were jealous of others who were wealthier than them – those tribes tried to rob others riches. Because the human race was scattered all over the world there were few tribes which remained under the eyes of Tewio. Tribes that were under His protection got attacked by other tribes. Soon tribes waged war after war to every tribe they met and there was pure chaos in the world.

Tewio was shocked by this kind of barbaric actions. His tribes were not ready to face a threat like this. They were soon outnumbered and forced to flee. Tewio decided that this kind of future for mankind wasn`t what He had hoped. He taught his followers the art of war and soon they marched to war with Tewio as their leader. Tewio decided to unite all the tribes under one flag so that there wouldn't be war anymore.

The war that raged was terrifying and bloody. Tewio and His forces gained victory after victory conquering other tribes. Soon they had conquered a huge kingdom under the wise and immortal Tewio and every man followed Him and obeyed Him as their spiritual leader.

Other gods had been watching the war and chaos that raged in the world and they had become jealous of Tewio, which had been crowned as an only god over the world. This made some gods angry because of Tewio would get even stronger when His followers' numbers increased. They decided to stop Tewio before He would be too powerful to stop.

Gods invited Tewio to their Pantheon and then attacked together against Him. Many lesser deities were struck down by Tewio and many powerful gods got wounded. Tewio was a very powerful opponent and it was close that other gods would fall against Him but together they succeeded to strike Him down.

Tewio was forced to leave His physical form and other gods denied His spirit to enter Pantheon. Tewio was forced to wander all over the world without physical form. But this wasn`t His end...

Tewio's last moments in our world


Members of the White Lion Order (also known as tewionist's) believed that the Tewio's spirit can be transferred into another host, an especially gifted, charismatic and saintly individual who has enough power to hold Tewio's holy power inside him.

Tewionist's believe that the Tewio's near-death at the hands of other gods allowed Him to break the final bonds between the crude matter of corporeality and ascend to assume His true nature as a deity. His spirit wanders the void, travelling as a whisper in the world, flitting from place to place and perhaps even through time. Tewionist's await the day that He shall be reborn and lead his people onwards in the continuation of the war He started earlier.

Erius aka The Iron Chancellor

Reincarnation of Tewio

The members of the White Lion Order were the most devoted of Tewio's followers. The order itself was founded by Erius, former president and politician of Finland. Tewio appeared to him in the snowy forests of Finland, where Erius often got drunk. He had become an abhorred person in Finland because of his political enemies and after his term as the president, he was forced to leave the Finnish society. Tewio saw that this young man could become a great warrior one day and the leader of all the peoples of the world, and so it was Erius, who was the first to see Tewio in his spectral form.

Erius listened to the words of the great spectral lion in fear, but soon it became clear to him that it was not Tewio's intention to hurt him, but in fact, Tewio wanted to name him as His prophet and that Erius would be destined to lead a group of crusaders into the holy lands of Singapore. Erius was convinced of his destiny of leading those who worshipped Tewio and thus embarked on a journey to Southeast Asia.

During the first crusade, the White Lion Order was only a small group of warriors devoted to following Tewio's will, but as months turned to years more and more members joined their ranks. Erius was the supreme leader of the Order, though WLO had had different grandmasters serving in each of the crusades. He also earned back the respect of the Finnish society and served Finland multiple times as minister and congressman.

In his last term of presidency, Erius succeeded in creating a massive baby boom in Finland, saving his homeland from the oppression of its southern neighbour. He was celebrated as a hero and Tewio made his decision – he had finally found a body which could host the new home for His soul and power. He asked Erius to come to that same forest in which they had first met and under the old trees of the north two became one.

When he returned to his comrades, the Knights of the White Lion were amazed. They saw the blazing purity and might in Erius' eyes along with a subtle difference in posture. There was no question in their minds – they knew Erius and Tewio were now one. Erius was now Tewio's reincarnation.

The Rage Incarnated - Tuukka_Almighty

The Grand Inquisitor

The first act of Erius as the god's reincarnation was to raise his good and loyal friend Tuukka_Almighty amongst the other deities. Because he now had other duties, he could not be the sword of Tewio anymore, cutting down his foes, so he made Tuukka the Grand Inquisitor of WLO – The Bane of Tewio and The Wrath of Gods.

Tuukka earned fame and respect from both enemies and friends. To his friends and comrades, he was quite the jovial personality and everybody loved him, but on the field he unleashed his rage, making his enemies suffer. Sometimes he would even slaughter an entire battalion of enemy forces with his bare hand, taking the skulls of his enemies as a trophy to build a throne of skulls. It is said that the rage energy he emanates when angered is in fact used to warm up the saunas of WLO.

It was Tuukka who had first heard of the heretics' increase in power in Switzerland – a land visited by WLO a long time ago. It is said that his anger was so great that even Erius, who was not present at the time, saw thunder and lightning in the horizon and heard a terrible sound which shook the mountains. It was their call to arms and the moment Erius declared their fifth crusade, Reconquesta of Switzerland, to have begun.

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