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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
National rank 36
Date of birth 11 March 2009
Residence North West Province, South Africa
Political party Political Freedom Party
Newspaper From the 'heart
Congress member of South Africa
Military unit eSouth African Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


After appearing in the New World, Whiteheart set out to become a valued citizen by finding a job, joining the army and reading through old discarded newspapers to find out why South Africa has allowed Indonesians to occupy that which rightly belongs to Africa. He made the quaint diamond mining town of Cullinan, just to the north-east of the capital, Pretoria, his home.

Houses being the luxury items they are, he had to be content with the local park's benches, or when he was lucky, a half-built house as shelter. He was lucky to find the eSouth Africa Health Center, a government-sponsored charity that helped him improve his wellness during the difficult first days of his Life.

He briefly moved to Muntenia, Romania for a fighting holiday, before returning to his beloved South Africa. A few days later, he paid another fighting visit to Mazovia, Poland before returning home to cast his first vote. Having enjoyed his first visit to Muntenia, Romania, he decided to return there for a second holiday. A short while later, he returned for a third time to Muntenia, Romania. This time he stayed for 8 days before returning to vote in his party's president elections. Afterward, he returned to Muntenia for another stint building up his strength.

Economic History

Whiteheart applied for a job at National Food shortly after his first breath of New World air. He left National Food after a couple of days with mixed feelings (sad to say goodbye to the people who helped him get started, but looking forward to the new job's challenges) to start work at Gauteng Gift Co.

Due to an HR mistake, he had to resign from his new job after only a few days. However, he was lucky to find a new work home almost immediately at Beautiful Bongs. He had to resign from this 'beautiful' job in order to go on a fighting holiday to Romania. After returning from Romania, he joined 010101's Gift. Following his second trip to Romania, he received a good job offer from BamBam Travels, which was duly accepted and he has been employed there until his next departure for Romania.

While in Romania, he worked at Cristy Corporations Food. During this time, he received his first Hard Worker Medal. Upon arrival back in South Africa, he joined FoodPath Co.. During his next visit to Muntenia, he first worked for Divertis Gifts before joining Cristy Corporations Food again. When he returned to South Africa, he found a good job at 5SC - South African Gifts.

Heart Organization was a business venture founded by Whiteheart in the beginning of April 2009.

Military Career

Since joining the army, Whiteheart has been training diligently to improve his strength, in order to be prepared for war when the need/opportunity arises.

His first taste of battle came in the war between Romania and Indonesia battling for the Western Siberia, where he gained valuable experience. Subsequently, he also fought for Romania against Hungary.

During his visit to Poland, he fought in the battle for Volhynia, where he was also promoted to Corporal. His next battle experience was acquired during the battle for Raska between Croatia and Serbia.

During his third stint in Romania, he fought in various battles against Hungary, Poland and Indonesia. It was in the course of these battles that he was promoted to Sergeant. Having trained faithfully, he received his first Super Soldier medal during his fourth visit to Romania.


As soon as Whiteheart came of age, he joined the South African Party. As an active member, he helped draft the party's first Manifesto, played a leading role in its recruitment efforts and, together with Zagarius, is busy setting up party infrastructure to enable the SAP to effectively recruit, campaign and govern. He was elected in a Congress.

After SAP he was a member of Independent Alternative and today he is a member of Political Freedom Party.

The Future

Whether Whiteheart knows what the future holds, is a secret only the chosen is told