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Wiki Chronicle

Wiki Chronicle.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Owner Q J Lincoln
Founded 20 March 2009
Subscribers 69 (as of September 2010)
Articles 21
Content Providing Wiki Tips and Tricks

On 20 March 2009, Q J Lincoln created the Wiki Chronicle to provide insight and information about the wiki to the general eRepublik community. The newspaper was designed to: answer user questions about the wiki, provide tips and tricks, and highlight some wiki articles of note.

The newspaper was written in English, moving periodically to different countries.


Date Title Country
20 March 2009 Welcome to the Wiki Chronicle! Austria
22 March 2009 Preview is your best friend. Austria
24 March 2009 Make Templates Your Style Bible Austria
29 March 2009 Chain of Fools - Linking Pages from eRepublik to the Wiki Austria
2 April 2009 Follow Up With the Wiki or Don't Leave Me Hanging Austria
6 April 2009 Ego Maniacs - Creating a Citizen Page in the Wiki USA
15 April 2009 Play in Your Sandbox! USA
28 April 2009 Be a Big Mouth USA
8 May 2009 What's Going On... USA
22 May 2009 Update on the Wiki USA
29 May 2009 Religion Policy USA
16 July 2009 Translating Pages in the Wiki Iran
12 August 2009 The Wiki Mentor Program United Kingdom
16 October 2009 Time for an Update USA
10 November 2009 Good News About The Wiki USA
21 December 2009 10 Things Every New Wiki Editor Should Know USA
30 December 2009 Making the Most of Your Citizen Page USA
19 January 2010 Making the Most Out of Your Organization Page USA
20 January 2010 To Wiki Readers and Editors of the Wiki Portugal
20 January 2010 To the Brazilian Readers and Editors of the Wiki Brazil
17 September 2010 Adios! USA