Wilhelm Fink.

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Wilhelm Fink.

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
National rank 12
Date of birth May 11, 2011 (Day 387)
Residence Isfahan, Esfahan, Iran
Sex male
Newspaper iCE Press
President of Philippines
January 2013 – February 2013
Preceded by John Jurassic
Succeeded by kb1992
President of Georgia
November 2016 – December 2016
Preceded by Georgian Shield
Succeeded by K1boRg
Minister of Defense of Georgia
December 2016 – January 2017
Served under K1boRg
Military unit Persian Gulf
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 4.png Chief Master Sergeant****

Wilhelm Fink., previously known as Deathless91, is currently a citizen of Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands.


An active politician in several countries, Wilhelm served as President of Philippines and Georgia and Congress member of Iran.

Wilhelm's party affiliation include:


Wilhelm currently serves in Persian Gulf military unit. In the past Wilhelm was a soldier in United Georgian Army.


This is a list of avatars used by Wilhelm: