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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth 6 Jan 2008
Date of death unknown
Sex male
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Wolfstroy was born on the day 199 of the New World in London, UK.

He moved to St Petersburg, Russia (part of Norway). After another short period of time as a member of the local Russian Red Resistance Front (RRF), Wolfstroy decided to move to sunny Portugal. It was there, in Lisbon, that Wolfstroy developed his skills, especially in the fields of manufacturing (Gifts Industry in Beta) and army training. He worked in a bunch of different companies and was a proud member of the National Party (Partido Nacional). When Wolfstroy was invited to become a citizen of USA, he moved to Tennessee. On day 402 n.w., Wolfstroy decided to create a new political movement in Brazil, the Brazilian Imperialist Movement. Unfortunately, the movement in Brazil did not work out. After a short period in Israel, Wolfstroy applied for Japanese citizenship. His citizenship was approved by Metic, a member of the Imperial Sun Party, in November 2009 e.c.

In May 2011 e.c., day 1274 of the New World, Wolfstroy moved back to Israel. His citizenship was approved by Sub zerro.

Military history

Wolfstroy was a soldier of the USA Army, strength level 7+ (Sergeant), member of the 3rd Division, Hotel Company (Captain Vilarus), 1st Platoon (H1) under the command of LT djmrules.

Resistance war in Switzerland. On December 03, day 379 of the New World, following orders of LT djmrules, Wolfstroy moved to France to fight alongside the Swiss German-Speaking Region in a resistance war. After 6 fights, Wolfstroy has accumulated 189 force points. Wolfstroy was back home on day 382.

War against France. On day 383 of the New World, December 07, Wolfstroy entered the war against France (PEACE alliance). In 4 fights, Wolfstroy accumulated 335 force points, being promoted to Corporal. After a sounding victory by the American troops (conquering the French Poitou-Charentes region), on day 385 Wolfstroy headed to another front, this time against the Limousin region. On day 392, Wolfstroy entered the battle against the central region of France, just in the outskirts of Paris. In December 16, day 392, Wolfstroy had 1070 force points, ranked Sergeant.

In November 2009, Wolfstroy moved to Japan. On day 941 n.w., Wolfstroy was a Field Marshal, with 823 fights and 125995 damage points.

After moving back to Israel, Wolfstroy applied to become a member of the powerful IDF. After three days of intensive training by the hands of Segen EvilPsycho, he was approved with honour. On the day 1277 of the New World, Wolfstroy received the rank of Turai (טוראי), private of the Israeli Army. Due to his hard work during training, he was awarded the Training Division Honour Badge.


Wolfstroy has an extensive experience in the Gifts sector (Beta). On V1, he has already more than 12.90 skill points in Manufacturing (as of June 10).


Wolfstroy is the owner of the Israeli newspaper "Dibbukim".

Political thought

After a short flirtation with the left (during his days in St Petersburg), Wolfstroy found his political ground in the Nationalist movement. First as a member of the Portuguese National Party and then as a member of the Nationalist Party in America.