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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2451
Date of birth Day 513
Date of death Around day 1142
Residence West Virginia, USA
Sex Male
Newspaper Mavian Post


xDrFirefly was born on Day 513, a citizen of West Virginia, USA. Due to an eH1N1 outbreak xDrFirefly had to leave his home in Flat Top, West Virginia and move to Old Town, Florida eH1N1 was a long and hard battle for the young xDrFirefly. A few very close brushes with death, he was finally discharged from Old Town Medical Center and entered a total different world. During his almost year long battle with eH1N1 xDrFirefly learned the importance in Good Health and Good Friendship.

The Life

Day 522 life is pretty tough, his wellness is pretty low (32), the world is looking crazy. But, he continues to plow on.
Day 527, after a few battles, and a quick trip to the hospital, he is at 50 wellness.
Day 529, He moved to Florida, to help fight his eH1N1 illness. West Virginia, was just a little to quiet for him.
Day 536, While in Florida, xDrFirefly started the Mavian Post
Day 1,069 He returns, after being in hiding for a little while
Day 1,070 moves back to West Virginia to escape the Heat in Florida!
Day 1,081 Finally got into a house here in West Virginia just playing keeping his head low.
Day 1,129 several Flat Top residents lead by xDrFirefly stole the court records from Charleston WV and took them back to Flat Top. There the records were held by xDrFirefly.
Day 1,131 took a quick little Holiday to Dauphin, Manitoba, Icon-Canada.png Canada this is directly related to the Burning of Charleston.[1]
Day 1,133 returned back to Flat Top, West Virginia
Day 1,137 xDrfirefly converts to the Faith of KEI
Day 1,143 Broke ground today on the Grove of KEI, in honor of the Creator Pilot!
Day 1,163 After Cute Grl's loss of congress, xDrFirefly leaves the Libertarian Party and switches to The NoS 'Dive Bar Party.
Day 1,166 Long Days of Fighting!
Day 1,167 Traveling to Free State, Icon-South Africa.png South Africa
Day 1,168 Decided to check out Eastern Cape, Icon-Brazil.png Brazil
Day 1,169 Traveled to Charrua, Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay
Day 1,170 in Icon-Argentina.png Argentina, Argentine Northwest on his long track home!
Day 1,171 traveled to Icon-Chile.png Chile, Norte Grande leaving due to the War with New Zealand
Day 1,172 Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela, Venezuelan Andean
Day 1,174 Icon-Brazil.png Brazil, Center West of Brazil
Day 1,175 Icon-Colombia.png Colombia, Andina
Day 1,176 Icon-Brazil.png Brazil, Southern Low Amazon
Day 1,178 Icon-Mexico.png Mexico, Northeast of Mexico
Day 1,179 Icon-Poland.png Poland, Tennessee


Owl of KEI
xDrfirefly become Number #1 Apostle of KEI, a part of an unofficial religion named KEISM, to fight the Dioism. Creator's Starship to the Apocalypse or Keism was a short-lived unofficial local religion in the United States of America. xDrFirefly has been in South American trying to spread the love of KEI to all those who will listen.


Keist or CSA believe that there is one universal and transcendent Creator, The Pilot of KEI. He is said to be the one uncreated Creator to whom all Piloting of ships are ultimately modeled after.The Pilot, as a result of seeking new cleaner powerful fuel sources, desired grain as an alternative to Lostite. During the Pilots approach to earth the KEI was damaged due to an attacked from the Darkside of the Moon, by an rouge creator named Floid the pilot of Pink Lloyd. The resulting conflict involves the entire universe, including humanity, which has an active role to play in the conflict.

The religion states that active participation in life through good actions, good food, and good goodness is necessary to ensure happiness and to keep chaos at bay. At the end of time, a great ship will arrive (a Class-5 K named ‘Syr’) it will bring about a final renovation of the world (bring Woman, Sunshine, and Candy), in which the dead will be revived. The Un-Kei or the”All Lighters” the brings of Fire, Death, Destruction, and Burnt Baked good, are in league with the lesser principles. They are the “Worshipers of Warships" and each lack a moral or physical trait of KEI.


Said to be written by a great prophet, it is the most important book in CSA. It is the history of the construction and the travelings of KEI and as such the Pilot’s log. Every follower of KEI has this book downloaded, or at least queuing up to download.

 And I carried such a torch! And we coulda...goin' on a year now and I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers” a year be too long, too long, find yourself a quiet place, be merry, enjoy the fruits of youth, explore flesh, then return to the ship, and make me some coffee” repeated the Pilot.And so he returned to the Shiny house where their were plenty of multicoloured candies."I think it's the sweetest life ever. 
(Sub 2501 - Tiny Hiding Places)


Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 4x Super Soldier