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Xanadu Titan
Logo of Xanadu Titan
Owner Tomma van den Bosch
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Headquarters Minnesota
Subsidiaries Logout and Postojna
Founded February 28, 2009
Founder Tomma van den Bosch
Industries Construction, Manufacturing, Raw Materials
Products lumber, grain, iron, house, weapons

Xanadu Titan was the primary holding organization for the transnational conglomerate founded by Tomma van den Bosch, II.


With significant gold investments from his half-brother, Lord Greystoke, van den Bosch founded Xanadu Titan following an epiphany at a meeting with a mysterious group of consultants in Japan during his world-wide trips to make his fortune in the marketing exchange. Humbled by his losses in Croatia, van den Bosch sought wisdom at a Japanese rock garden on his way back to his Arizona home. While still in Japan, van den Bosch and his half-brother met with several consultants and magnates from Canada. At this meeting, a scheme was developed to begin a transnational Wikipedia:conglomerate allowing investors to maximize their profits. After the meeting, van den Bosch and Greystoke traveled to Canada's Northwest Territories and met in a back-woods cabin to further develop their business schemes. From that wilderness meeting, Xanadu Titan was formed.

Basic Structure

  • Xanadu Titan (XT) is owned by its shareholders.
  • Shares are acquired by donating 5 gold to XT (Each share costs 5 gold)
  • Shareholders agree to a game contract to share profits according to number of shares owned.
  • Once each month, shareholders convene a meeting to discuss:
    • overall intra- and inter-organizational strategy
    • whether to split profits according to each shareholder's number of shares - or to reinvest in XT or one or more of the affiliate organizations or companies held.
  • Special meetings may be called by the shareholders.


Xanadu Titan holds two organizational affiliates.

In North America, Xanadu owned:

Note: All companies were bought/started in February 2009