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Citizen9000955 v3.jpg
Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
National rank 38
Date of birth March 17th, 2018
Day 3,770 of the New World
Residence Bregenz,Vorarlberg, Austria
Sex Male
Political party Kronloyale Union
Faith Dhooism
Newspaper Die Kaiserzeit,
originally started as
Journal and Coffee
Congress member of Mexico
Congress member of Austria
Sep 26th, 2020, Day 4,694 – Oct 26th, 2020, Day 4,724
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria
Nov 6th, 2020, Day 4,735
Preceded by Schwrzwolf
Military unit Österreich Kaiserliche Armee
Squadron 1st Regiment
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 1.png Chief Master Sergeant*

Y H A M I L I T Z (Previously know as Yhamilitz von Habsburg), or simply called Yhamilitz, is a eVeteran semi-active citizen in the New World. He uses Spanish and English for communication. Yhamilitz is a very well know citizen citizen in Mexico and Austria. He is usually focus on the Social Part of Erepublik. Yhamilitz have experience as a MoFA (In Both, Mexico and Austria.) He had been the "unofficial" President of Mexico when the president disappeared a couple times and he was vice president.


  • As Yhamilitz: (July 07, 2009 - July 07, 2013 / Day 595 - 2056)

Icon-Mexico.pngIcon-Austria.pngIcon-Philippines.pngIcon-Croatia.pngIcon-New Zealand.pngIcon-Bulgaria.pngIcon-Chile.pngIcon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png


Yhamilitz was born in Northeast of Mexico. During this time, he didn't get any help for developing himself (He learned to survive without any help). He was born during the "Internal Conflict" in Mexico (Between Mexicans and Polish PTOs). The Mexican community at that time was very small. It was not strong enough to establish ties. He didn't put any attention to that and then he leaves the country 1 month after he was born.
Then he went to his First eRepublik Home: Austria.


He learned to do many things in Austria, he also met important people, in his life like Marie von Gablitz and Rangeley. During that time, he also began to interact with other citizens and was making many friends in the Country. In Austria, he learns almost everything, about how to "Interact" in the New World. Unlike other Mexicans inside Erepublik, he grew in another community. When he came back to Mexico, he was not immediately accepted. But after a few months, he was finally "accepted". He also tried the Philippines and New Zealand, gaining some Experience.


He did many funny things and "not so funny". Yhamilitz came back to Austria and was "semi-active" during a long period of time. He met many people in Austria in his 2nd Austrian moment, especially people from Hungary. Many people in Mexico didn't know him, because Mexico was under a new generation dominance. Actually, he lost contact with Austria in the way, as the country became quieter and the community became silent. Considering the fact, that Yhamilitz was one of the oldest citizens in Mexico, he was never seen as a real old person in Mexico due to the fact that he established ties with Austria first. But over time, he became more inactive. He moved to Bulgaria and Macedonia for a fresh start but he had problems with the languages. He became part of a Mercenary Group called Dark Side Wolves, where he met the Love of his eLife, MissPaunova.

In the end, he became a citizen of the world, but he never lost contact with Mexico or Austria. He saw a Mexican Generation raise, and die.

Old Age

He becomes inactive and became very weak compared to other D4 soldiers. He became distant from everyone. He didn't marry with MissPaunova as she commited eSuicide. He died in Texas when was under Mexican Control. He was in an Chilean Military Unit In the last of his days.

More details can be found here: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/just-as-the-wine-2724544/1/20


Babyhood and Childhood

Yhamilitz was reborn in Northeast of Mexico in the middle of Chaos: On that time, an alliance called [CoT] was disolved and Mexico was under Venezuelan occupation supported by Spain and Poland, and Ignored by Chile, after a war with the USA. He worked as a provitional MoFA on that time. TWO was an active alliance on that time.

Adulthood and Old Age

He becames inactive again. He decided to leave because another player (Keriito, in which had a crush on her) eDied. So he decided to eDie.



Yhamilitz was reborn in Northeast of Mexico. Around June 24, 2016, Day 3,173 of the New World. During that time he obtained some money and build some companies and training camps. He remains inactive in the social spaces in Erepublik.


Around March 17th, 2018 Day 3,770 of the New World. He became "active" in the world. He was developing a Capitalist Empire between Mexico, Spain, and the United States. He established Spain as his Headquarters. As Yhamilitz currently is in his third life, he found a dying global community. Some people he met still existed but were not so active as in the old times. The country unlike in the past is not controlled by forein Takeovers, but the country was under a dictatorship (We basically didn't know about the real situation, in which eventually he found that it was very complicated when he moved to eAustria). The current situation was very depressing for him.


On September 23th, 2020, Day 4,691 of the new world, Yhamilitz was invited by Prince Of Austria for come back to Austria. On that time, Mexico was liberated from the Dictador. He joined with Austria in the war for Resources III, in which he interacted with familiar and new players. Around that time, Mexico also becames active, so he helped in build relationships with Mexico. Also helping them in the Resources Wars. During some period of time, he remained active in the social spaces of Mexico and Austria. Some time later, he becames the Austrian MoFA, which around the same time, he began to interact more with Argentina because of a diplomatic mission from Austria. Since then, he has been around some Spanish Speaking communities. Eventually, a player called "Michael" which had a Stream Channel on Twitch. From that moment, Yhamilitz's influence began to growth in the Spanish Speaking Community and with the help of "MichaelPlays" on Twitch he became the Austrian voice on Latin America. And as he kept helping Mexican Government to establish more contacts, their influence beyond flourshed. Then he began to establich more contact whith English Speaking countries.

After some other events, some good, some bad, he managed to get a little bit know internationally. So from that moment, we can say that he is a consolitated player.

Icon allcountries.gif Places

Icon allcountries.gif Citizenship

Icon-Mexico.png Mexico: (March 17th, 2018 - September 23th, 2020 / Day 3,770 - 4,691)

Icon-Austria.png Austria: (September 23th, 2020 - Today / Day 4,691 - Today )

  • He was born in Northeast of Mexico and he obtained directly the Mexican citizenship.
  • He was invited to Austria by Prince of Austria.

Icon mission new First Paycheck.png Economical Career, Employment, and Companies

  • Yhamilitz had earned 32 Hard Worker achievements.

Since Holdings were introduced, and before the Resources Wars III, he owned the following Holdings:

  • Yhamilitz Olympia Enterprise, Washington Icon-USA.png as his House Holding
  • Yhamilitz Oviedo Enterprise, Asturias Icon-Spain.png as his Aircraft Holding
  • Yhamilitz Monterrey Enterprise, Northeast of Mexico Icon-Mexico.png as his Employment Holding

After the Resources Wars III, he owns the following Holdings:

  • Yhamilitz Valencia Enterprise, Central Venezuela Icon-Venezuela.png as his First House Holding
  • Yhamilitz Puerto Princesa Ent., Palawan Icon-Philippines.png as his Second House Holding
  • Yhamilitz Iquitos Enterprise, Northern Low Amazon Icon-Peru.png as his Aircraft and Weapons Holding
  • Yhamilitz Chur Enterprise, Graubunden Icon-Switzerland.png as his Food Holding
  • Yhamilitz Monterrey Enterprise, Northeast of Mexico Icon-Mexico.png as his Employment Holding
  • Yhamilitz Bregenz Enterprise, Vorarlberg Icon-Austria.png as his Employment Holding (And Residency)

Icon mission help a new citizen 87.png Political Achievements

Yhamilitz, since it's foundation in day 1,218 of the new world, had been involved with Alternativa in some way. Not in the most active way, but as a protector of the party
  • Yhamilitz has currently achieved 11 Congress medal.
  • Yhamilitz had been a Mexican Congressman 10 times for the Party of Alternativa
  • Yhamilitz had been an Austrian Congressman 1 time for Kronloyale Union
  • Yhamilitz has currently achieved 0 President medal.

Icon mission help a new citizen 87.png Political Career

Yhamilitz has been inactively politically in eMexico since 2016 as Yhamilitz von Habsburg until October 2020. Before going to Austria, he just tried to obtain Control of a Mexican Political party called Alternativa to avoid PTO and presented to congress from that party. Still, besides that. He had just being inactive during 4 years.

In Austria, Yhamilitz was invited to join to the Austrian Socialist Movement, but due a bug he could not join. He was then invited to join to the Kronloyale Union, which is compatible with the Imperial-Multiculural views that Yhamilitz host.

More that a politician, Yhamilitz views himself as a eGeopolitical Strategist. Also he became an "Advisor/Supporter" in October 2020.

In other eLifes, he had gain experience with duties related to Foreign Affairs. As he Speaks English, some people from Mexico tried to endorse him as part of their cabinets even if he is an Austrian Citizenship. He had experience establish contact between nations in Erepublik specially working as an intermediate between English and Spanish speakers.

In November 6th, Day 4,735 of the New World, Yhamilitz officially became MoFA of Austria. Being the first time he performs that task since a presidential term begins. Under the Presidency of Rabbit of Caerbannog

Icon mission help a new citizen 87.png Political Parties History

  • Alternativa ((March 17th, 2018 - September 23th, 2020 / Day 3,770 - 4,691)
  • Kronloyale Union ((September 23th, 2020 - Today / Day 4,691 - Today)

Icon mission help a new citizen 87.png Journalistic career and achievements

Die Kaiserzeit's Logo
  • Yhamilitz has currently achieved 0 Media Mogul medal.
  • Yhamilitz owns the newspaper Die Kaiserzeit
  • Yhamilitz's newspaper had 24 subscriptions.

Yhamilitz usually had been active in the media since 2009, getting a long period of hibernation between 2016 until he arrives into Austria in September 2020

He considers Xeroccona (From Spain) and Rangeley (From Austria) his inspirations.

In October 2020 as an Austrian, he decided to focus his newspapers into 3 main aspects: eHistory, Interviews, and Strategy. He may also write about other subjects. In Mexico, he created fictional stories about his eDeath (Or Inactivity) and described some of his "goals"

The Articles are written in English and Spanish. Sometimes in one language, and other times in both. It is published in Austria and Mexico. The Newspapers Main Headquarters are located in Austria and the main language is English. The Secondary Headquarters for a Spanish Speaking Audience is located in Mexico.

This is one of the weapons that Yhamilitz use in the battlefield.

Icon mission new Full Membership.png Military Career

Icon-Mexico.png La Guardia de la Noche: (March 17th, 2018 - November 7th, 2018 / Day 3,770 - Day 4,005)

  • Yhamilitz joined to this Military Unit in the day 3,770 (March 17th, 2018). La Guardia de la Noche is a private Mexican Army, Yhamilitz was part of it.

Icon-Mexico.png Fuerza Aérea Imperial Mexicana: (November 7th, 2018 - September 30th, 2020 / Day 4,005 - Day 4,698)

  • Yhamilitz founded a Military Unit called Fuerza Aérea Imperial Mexicana. Is a Military Unit based on the Air force, which is Motto is Mexicum est imperare orbi universo. (MEIOU). This military unit is in charge of defending the national sovereignty, serve, protect, and shelter the Mexican Nation. Also, and also support its allies, as also strengthen to its members. The Military unit was disolved as he moved into Austria and as the Military Unit was never active since 2018 due the inactivity in Mexico.
File:Kaiserliche Bier Oberkommando Logo.png
Das Kaiserliche Bier Oberkommando

Icon-Austria.png Österreich Kaiserliche Armee: (September 30th, 2018 - January 13rd, 2021 / Day 4,698 - Day 4,803) and (January 30th, 2021 - September 5th, 2021 / Day 4,820 - Day 5,037)

  • Yhamilitz founded a Military Unit called Österreich Kaiserliche Armee. Is a Private Military Unit taken from an inactive Military Unit called "Beerfighters" So it was renamed as "Das Kaiserliche Bier Oberkommando". And then, as "Österreich Kaiserliche Armee".

Icon-Mexico.png Las Moscas: (January 13rd, 2021 - January 30th, 2021 / Day 4,803 - Day 4,820)

  • A player called LeproRan founded in Day 4,801 (January 11st, 2020) a Military Unit called Las Moscas. Is a Private Military Unit founded with the purpose of make people more active in a social way. They have a social interest in vitalizing the Mexican Community and was founded after MEXICO INC established a very unpopular dictatorship. Today, Yhamilitz is just part of the social circle of the MU.

Icon-Austria.png Österreichische Nachtwache: (September 5th, 2021 - July 29th, 2022 / Day 5,037 - Day 5,365)

  • In Honor to the MU called "La Guardia de la Noche" founded by Ike Teagle, Yhamilitz decided to refound the MU as an Austrian MU using the following reason:

- Yhamilitz's time zone is the one in the Americas, and when everyone is sleeping in Europe, he usually fights. So as an Night Vigiliant, he is the Austrian Guard of the night. So the Österreichische Nachtwache was established.

Icon mission lets socialize 109.png Society and Family

  • Yhamilitz has currently achieved 0 Society Builder medal.

Yhamilitz considers all his/her referees his sons.

-As Yhamilitz (Also may currently be)-

Yhamilitz adopted 4 Sons, 3 from Mexico and 1 from Austria.

  • (Inactive) Icon-Austria.png Jackstry Nanla: He was his first Adopted child, He was very famous in Austria (And Italy) because of this Funny Articles (and his "Friendly" Articles for Italy) then he Died and came back to life after of being died during a ling time, but then, he died again.
  • (Inactive) Icon-Mexico.png Jorge Naim Reichert: Yhamilits was his first Boss, he isn't very famous in Mexico, and he sometimes is asking for help to him.
  • (Inactive) Icon-Mexico.png Caesar Octavio Nieto: Yhamilitz was his first Boss too, but because he was working in his company during a long time, he decided to adopt him, he was very well knew and famous in Mexico. When he became President (he didn't was sure if we really wanted to become president) he committed Suicide and then a Political Storm came to Mexico because of that.
  • (Inactive) Icon-Mexico.png Jorge F. Rodriguez: He is a little bit younger than Caesar Octavio Nieto. Jorge F. Rodriguez born in Mexico, but he is from the UK in Real Life.

Yhamilizt had other relatives too:

  • (Inactive) Icon-Mexico.png Yetlanesi: She some years ago, around 2012, she was the most powerful citizen in Mexico and one of the Most Powerful Citizens of the World on that time, She wasn´t active in Mexico during 2010, But in 2011, She began to tank so hard Against the USA, winning BH Medals and CH Medals, and She is was recognized a the Heroine of Mexico.
  • (Inactive) Icon-Philippines.png Marie von Gablitz: She was the cousin of Yhamilitz. (Is no related with Yetlanesi)

-As Yhamilitz von Innsbruck (Also may currently be)-

  • (Inactive) Icon-Mexico.png Keriito: She became her Referrer. So Basically she becomes "her eMother". She basically became the most important person in Erepublik for him on that time.

-As Yhamilitz von Habsburg-

Important People

-As Yhamilitz (Also may currently be)-

  • (Inactive)Icon-Philippines.png Marie von Gablitz: She was the best friend of Yhamilitz. She was one of his first friends in the New World.
  • (Inactive)Icon-Austria.pngRangeley: He was a citizen that help Yhamilitz to survive in Austria, Rangeley was one of the most important citizens of Austria. He is considered a Leyend.
  • (Inactive)Icon-Austria.pngPrinceOfAustria: PrinceOfAustria was a personality in Austria. He was considered the defender of Austria. He was a very notable ePolitician.
  • (Active) Icon-Spain.png Chechesa: Both became friends during the period when Mexican people dislike Yhamilitz, both have strange ideas about New World and always are updated about game.
  • (Inactive)Icon-Mexico.png Israel Sky Gonzalez: Before the Polish invasion for Oil regions, Israel Sky Gonzalez was one of the people that want Yhamilitz out of Mexico, some time later, both decide to readjust their relationship (both disliked one each other) and one day Yhamilitz help to Israel Sky Gonzalez to translate some Information to English, from that day both citizens are very good friends.
  • (Inactive)Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png MissPaunova: MissPauniva was an eMercenary from DSW. She was from Macedonia, they meet each other in The Military Unit. He propposed eMarriage to her. And both became Inactives. (And eventually she eDied)
  • (Active) Icon-Austria.png Prince of Austria:(Do not confuse with PrinceOfAustria) Know as KilleR.D on 2011, Yhamilitz meet him in DSW. They began to interact on that Military Unit. After in 2020, now under the name of PrinceOfAustria, he invites Yhamilitz to go to Austria and they began to work together in the country.

-As Yhamilitz von Innsbruck (Also may currently be)-

 Keriito, te eAmaré por siempre. 
(Yhamilitz von Innsbruck dedication to Keriito, his platonic eLove)
  • (Inactive) Icon-Mexico.png Keriito: She became a very important friend for Yhamilitz in his second life. She was very active as Ministry of Defense of Mexico. She also worked with Yhamilitz several times in the eGovernment in different fields. Some tales describe he felt in love with her. Basically became the only reason why he was connected into Erepublik. When she left Erepublik, he followed in his Heart and also Died.

-As Y H A M I L I T Z-

  • (Active) Icon-Austria.png Rabbit of Caerbannog: Yhamilitz meet her around the same time when she was organizing the Battles for the Resources War III
  • (Active) Icon-Austria.png capoqwer: He was also around in the Battles for the Resources War III. He knows him from his old accounts. Just right know as Yhamilitz he had been more in contact. Both Speak Spanish to each other.
  • (Active) Icon-Austria.png Luis Grindl: He in an economical adviser in Austria. Just as capoqwer, he knows him from his old accounts. Just right know as Yhamilitz he had been more in contact with him.
  • (Active) Icon-Mexico.png Hiram F1: He became the Mexican president after a very long time of inactivity. Yhamilitz supported him in looking for some international relationships.
  • (Active) Icon-Austria.png Mayamoto: Was a new player when Yhamilitz came to Austria. Both became good friends and Yhamilitz offer him a job.
  • (Active) Icon-Argentina.png Loliicapri: Both meet when Loliicapri send him a friendship request when she was new. And both becan to interact closer when Yhamilitz also intereacted more close with ERA (A Military Unit in Argentina) Since them, they talked frequently

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