Yoel ben Shalom

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Yoel ben Shalom

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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth 19 December 2008
Date of death Summer 2010
Residence Flag-Israel.jpg Jerusalem district
Sex Male
Newspaper Public Broadcast
Congress member of Israel
26 February 2009 –
Minister of Communication of Israel
8 March 2009 –
Ambassador of Sweden
Vice president (country) of Israel
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***

Yoel ben Shalom was a senior Icon-Israel.png Israeli citizen.


Yoel ben Shalom was born in Tel Aviv Center District (Turkish occupied region of Israel).

He fought in two failing resistance wars for Israel and moved to USA when The Jewish Community Party was created. In the community, he took an active position and constantly participated in the movement. When the successful Eastern Mediterranean Independence War started, he was on the first plane to fight. As he ran out of wellness, he participated by recruiting fighters and donating gold to some of the best ones. When the resistance war succeeded, he settled in Nazareth North District which today is his current residence.

Yoel ben Shalom won the first congress election of the newborn nation for the Israeli Workers Party. Since then, he has been a member of every Israeli congress. He was appointed Minister of Communication by Sadeh Badeh and has announced various important news through his newspaper Public Broadcast.

Ben Shalom has always been active in the army. Starting out as a soldier, advancing to squad leader and is know general of the whole Israeli Defense Forces.

He was the owner of Y. Shalom Investments Co.


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