Yoman Kung

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Yoman Kung

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Uncle six.jpg
Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
National rank 645
Date of birth Nov 03, 2009
Residence Guangdong, China
Sex Male
Political party HKGOLDEN
Married to Cinderella Kung
Newspaper Yo! Post
Congressman of China
25 Feb 2010 –
Principal Congressman of HKGOLDEN of China
25 Feb 2010 –
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Yoman Kung is currently a congressman of China. He is also the principal congressman of HKGOLDEN.


Yoman and Saint William

In his newspaper Yo! Post, Yoman revealed that the then presidential candidate Saint William delivered his concession speech, which actually plagiarized the concession speech of Al Gore, the RL presidential candidate of US in 2000.

Yoman and EDEN

After the deadlock of the public's dispute of the first referendum of the EDEN membership, Yoman proposed a bill in congress on Day 953 to seek a new round of voting on the membership issue. Despite the great pressure from skeptics like Cynosure II, the congress voted for the EDEN membership which eventually started a new era between eChina and the brotherhood.

Relationship with Cinderella Kung

Yoman is now Cinderella Kung's boyfriend. They are lovers in RL as well.