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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 21 May 2009
Day 548
Date of death End of 2016 (est)
Residence Chugoku
Sex Male
Minister of Finance of Japan
August 5th 2009 – October 5th 2009
Preceded by Akki
Succeeded by Vorph
Congress member of Japan
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png Lt Colonel***
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 0.png Staff Sergeant

Yusuke was a Japanese Citizen. eBorn on 21.05.2009. He has worked for GenshikeN Headquarters and Karlwithak Housing. Yusuke also had a part-time job in the Healthcare Clinic attending to those injured in war. Later, he worked in the private weapons factory Dragonforce Imperial SR-JP10. He was very involved with the National Alliance Party but in early October 2009, Yusuke fell into a coma when assaulted in the streets of Kanto. Coming out of a coma on February 24th Yusuke woke up to a different political climate signing up with the Imperial Sun Party due to his close contact with members prior to falling into a coma.

Takashi Industries

Takashi Industries was an organisation headed by Yusuke with the purpose of running The Nihon Guardian Newspaper and the companies Takashi Wood and Takashi Farms. It was announced on the 25th of June that Takashi Wood was facing financial problems and subsequently on the 27th July Takashi Woods was closed reporting losses of Icon-gold.gif 11 GOLD. Takashi Farms, on the other hand, had a relatively good start reporting minor losses of a mere couple of CNY due to low numbers of employees.

In August Takashi Industries announced the opening of Takashi Arms. A Q1 Gun company strived for cheap prices and high quality for the customers. Providing high wages on the job market. Its success had been unpredictable with reports having indicated profits of more than Flag-Japan.jpg 100 JPY a week. In October Takashi Industries went ahead with the plans to open a Q2 Iron Mine in Indonesia, despite the loss of their head. Although success has been limited the company had remained fairly stable. Shortly afterwards Takashi Industries fell into decline.

Takashi Bank

In Late August, Yusuke and a combination of experienced businessmen planned the opening of a Bank. When Japan questioned why the only bank was the National Bank of Japan and why it did not offer loans and investments Takashi Bank opened its doors offering both loans and investment offers to Japanese civilians.

Political and Military Career

Yusuke was a strong supporter of the National Alliance Party who supported him on his first Candidacy for Congress in June 2009. Although facing an incredible defeat coming 58th/62nd he was quoted in The Nihon No Koe newspaper as saying 'It was a disappointing but hilarious defeat'. Yusuke has expressed interest in running again in the next elections but forming new goals targeting the state of health care and the funding of the JIA.

In the July elections, Yusuke was voted into Congress as a wildcard. Coming 40th, he expressed disappointment in the vote and said he wished for a more clear result but went ahead opening up his constituency office in the region of Chugoku. Early August Minamoto was successful with his presidency and Yusuke was nominated as the Minister of Finance.

In the August elections, he again retained his place despite it being the biggest election yet seeing the most candidates creating a fierce fight for dominance between the National Alliance Party and the Godzilla Party. It came clear at the end of the election that National Alliance Party would not have a majority in Congress with only 4 successful candidates making the Godzilla Party and the Imperial Sun Party the two main parties in Japan.

In Early September Yusuke demanded reform in the National Alliance Party, demanding that they need to start working as a team. Despite many rumors in Japan, Yusuke did not oppose Akki for the party president.

By mid-September, Yusuke slipped into a coma only waking up in February of 2011 and immediately joined in the Imperial Sun Party.

His second coma awakening was sometime in 2016 when it was discovered that he is a member of Jiyuu Nippon Gun.