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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 197
Date of birth April 15th, 2009 - Day 512
Residence North-West Frontier Province
Congressman of Ryanggang
June 26th, 2009 – July 26th, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kim-Shi Zammuel Manson, more commonly known as Zammuel, was a citizen of Pakistan who has obtained citizenship in Japan.

Fictional History

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Zammuel was born to his father/mother, Charles Manson, a Kazakh hermaphroditic shape-shifter who was a humble and largely passive Kazakh deity.[?] Zammuel was one of sixteen Gods[?] born as mortal children, the others which he cannibalized in his early childhood[?]. His father had fled to East-Germany[?] when Stalin[?], backed by the villainous "Admins", had declared that religion was no longer permitted under Soviet rule. In anger at Manson's actions, the admins temporarily destroyed Kazakh , and have yet to restore it. When East-German police discovered his whereabouts, Zammuel's father fled to France, but was betrayed by two policemen and a demonic French slug-beast hooker, leading to his father's arrest and deportation of both him and Zammuel to North Korea, a then puppet government of the Soviet Union. Charles Manson was imprisoned for life in a labor camp, and Zammuel was indoctrinated into a North Korean Military Youth School, where he was taught of Glorious Leader and learned Korean for seventeen years. When he was 19 years old in mortal life, the North Korean government was overran and replaced by City Party. With the labor camps now shut, Charles Manson returned to Zammuel, and offered himself as dinner to his son (a right of passage into adulthood), to which Zammuel accepted. To escape the ensuing proxy guerrilla resistances spreading across the newly democratic country, Zammuel escaped to the USA, where he lived a basic but satisfying life as a member of the National Guard's Specialist Shape-shifting Foreign Legion; it was during this time that Zammuel found his preference for being in the shape of an Axolotl, which saved his life multiple times in combat against Russia during America's failed attack on the Eastern-Territory. During his service in Russia, Zammuel encountered the ghost of Bob Ross, who had passed over the Bering Strait to "look at the happy little world" of Eastern-Russia, which had now become a heavily fortified battleground. [?]


After six years of US military service, Zammuel returned to North Korea and began working as a rice paddy farmer to help maintain the country's economy.


Zammuel was elected as congressman of Ryanggang after registering his puppet, Broccoli, to vote, and getting Pascal Paoli to move over to North Korea and vote for him. When Russia invaded North Korea, Zammuel and the majority of Zammuelists fled to Malaysia, which they have made their temporary "Home away from home". Zammuel and his followers have become a prime attraction to Malaysia with increasing political influence.

Physical Information

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

Zammuel is a self-proclaimed shape-shifter, although it should be noted he has only ever been seen in the form of an axolotl.[?] Like-wise his claims to being a hermaphrodite[?] have never been proven.

Zammuel speaks with an accent described as "a far south-central cliched Russian" twang with slight elements of Korean and central Asian (specifically Kazakh) pronunciations in a gritty voice with frequent pitch shifts which vary from very deep to mild. Due to his appearance (a 4'9 axolotl when on all fours), Zammuel is easily recognizable, and has become an attraction to Malaysia. He was named "Third most sexiest man" in the 2009 edition of a local Malaysian magazine, losing out to Francois Fotzelecker III and Dio Brando.