Zeljko Cirovic

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Permanently banned
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Zeljko Cirovic

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 03.03.2009
Day 469 of the New World
Date of death 15.09.2009
Residence Louth, Ireland
Sex male
Congress member of Sumadija
26.4.2009 – 25.5.2009
Congress member of Serbia
26.6.2009 – 25.8.2009
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen permanently suspended for creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts

The birth of the Serb

Zeljko Cirovic was born in a really hard time for Serbia. The Croatian operation Days of wrath was ongoing and trying to take control of Serbia. When Serbian candidate was banned, Croatian operation succeeded and Serbia felt into Croatian hands. Stevan Mokranjac, a Serbian citizen, helped Zeljko with free moving ticket so Zeljko could go to Indonesia until Congress elections when he returned.

Voice of eBadger

Glas eJazavca or Voice of eBadger was a newspaper that Zeljko created and wrote articles about statistics. As Serbia didn't have a statistics magazine at that time the eBadger become very popular and it was in the top ten Serbian newspapers.

The Hungarian exile

After the Croatian TO, Zeljko escaped to Hungary hoping to return and free his homeland one day. He worked for RINGE, one of Serbian ministers of finances, in a weapon company. He fought in some battles there before he left to Bulgaria.

The "Brave little tailor" operation

After the operation "Brave little tailor", winch involved the annexation of Serbian territories by Bulgaria, the first resistance wars were ongoing and Zeljko fought in the epic battle of Sumadija where Serbia had beaten Croatians.

The Serbian sarcrifice

After the successful resistance wars, Zeljko returned to Serbia. Both the monetary and the regular market were catastrophic but he stood in Serbia, no matter of everything and in the time everyone was leaving and being selfish not even thinking about the economical situation of Serbia. This is the period when Zeljko has begun involving himself into the political life of Serbia, mostly patronizing SeS (Spasimo eSrbiju, Save eSerbia) which gave Serbia a strong President and a strong government, a hospital and much more. On April 25, 2009, Zeljko was one of the candidates for Congress and was elected with 24 votes (he won the most votes on the election). Zeljko candidate himself again for Congress Elections in June (and entered the congress as the wildcard) and in July (he was 23rd out of 40).

The working communes

After Serbia was massively prospering in both economy, culture, organization and military Zeljko had an idea to create work communes which would employ 10 citizens which should pay Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD. The commune idea was thought to be an economic boom for Serbia, increasing the working capacity and the market offer in Serbia. Zvekan[ wanted to support this idea and organization Zajedno was created, ready for the first companies. The idea was elaborated in the "eBadger", but, no one really wanted to give away 2 gold so the whole idea fell apart.

The new deal

Zeljko and Zvekan were thinking about the situation and they decided to create a company with the Z - brand. (Zeljko, Zvekan, Zajedno). The first company (Z for food) was running into a net minus so they created the Z for grain company in a medium productivity region. A lot of mistakes. But after the license for South Africa the profit was touchable.

Zeljko ends his Career

On September 15, 2009, Zeljko was permanently suspended for creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts.