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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth Dec 27, 2007
Date of death 2010
Residence Gotaland
Newspaper Arbetet
Congress member of Flashback Sweden
February 1st, 2008 – May 31st, 2008
President of Sweden
April 1st, 2008 – May 30th, 2008
Preceded by Carradine
Succeeded by Flammbar
Congress member of Flashback Sweden
June 1st, 2008 – N/A
Party president of Flashback Sweden
March, 2008 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant*.png Lieutenant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ziggyzag was a politician, businessman, and journalist from Sweden with expertise in economics. He has become a citizen on Dec 27, 2007.

He is a former President of Sweden and also a winner of the Swedish Nobel Prize in the category of politics.

The politician

Ziggyzag entered the Swedish congress in February 2008. His first contribution to Swedish politics was the Flag-Sweden.jpg 10 SEK campaign. Ziggyzag made the Swedish forum Erepublik.se which rapidly grow in members. 10th of March, a few days after Carradine announced his retirement, Ziggyzag ran for Flashback Sweden party president. He won with big numbers and was later elected President of Sweden, on the 1st of April.

During his two mandates, he reformed and created many things in Sweden. He introduced Riksbanken - (Central bank of Sweden) that works with controlling the gold and currency value. Nationalized the hospital sector that was near extinction, and started the state owned companies Svenska Sjukhus. Two social organisations were created during his mandates, Migrationsverket and Mentor Sverige, that work with increasing the population. Sweden adopted new economical methods and became more aware of macroeconomics.

When Ziggyzag entered office, Sweden was suffering from heavy deflation. All sectors were over-established, products were hard to sell and salaries were substantially lowered. The solution was raising the gold value with Riksbanken to make it harder to start companies, lowering the income and VAT tax to increase purchasing power. Mass-hiring from the Svenska Sjukhus and raising the company tax (to eliminate unnecessary presence on the market) were also carried out. These efforts worked, despite a lot of opposition from general managers, and the economy was relieved from excessive burdens.

On the 1st of June Ziggyzag stepped down. But he remained in politics, often seen debating. He has also won the Swedish Nobel Prize for his work within politics.

The businessman

At the beginning of January, Ziggyzag bought a Q1 hospital production and named it Scrubs. Two hospitals were sold to Swedish regions, after that he sold the company, foreseeing that the business wasn't suitable for private actors. With the earned money, he and his close friend Lame then established themselves in the housing industry: by starting the company Akelius. The company was a great success, the innovative low-Q-high-Q method they used proved very efficient. During Ziggyzags presidency Lame alone handled the businesses and also started 3 more companies: Greatweapons (bought from the successful businessman ScymeX), Pizza Hut and Ziggy´s Stardust. Akelius was the flagship and become one of the biggest companies in the world at the time.

In July, when Nevugila and other Turkish businessmen hollowed-out and hurt the Swedish economy, Ziggyzag once again became a general manager. The companies together become big exporters and also the biggest employers in Sweden. They provided cheap products and high salaries to the people of Sweden.

Due to eGlobal warming inflicted disasters (introduction of V1), Ziggyzag has been forced to fire all of his employees.

The soldier

In February Ziggyzag, with others, created Högkvarteret and Fallskärmsjägarna. However, Högkvarteret were discontinued in a couple of months. He himself was not a great warrior. He was forced to stay in Umea because of his companies and place in Congress; thus incapable of joining the Fallskärmsjägarna. But he still made the rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant with 35 victories on the battlefield.

While President of Sweden, he Signed Sweden-Germany Peace Contract that ended the Sweden-Germany War and restored conquered territory to the Germans in exchange for their allegiance to Sweden.

The journalist

The newspaper Arbetet was created in mid-January. At first its purpose was to inform the workers on Akelius, but later on, became a newspaper for all the Swedes. Arbetet made Ziggyzag a house-hold name and helped him in the running for President. At the time, Arbetet was the second-biggest newspaper in the New World with the second-largest number of subscribers.


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