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Nationality Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentinian
Date of birth 5 November 2009
Date of death 23 May 2012
Sex Male
Newspaper El Panoptico
President of Argentina
Dec 2010 – Jan 2011
Preceded by FlorenciaC
Congress member of Argentina
25 March 2010 – 25 April 2010
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen Permanently suspended for usage of multiple accounts.

Zumbido was a citizen of Argentina.

In Argentina, he served as Minister of Defense twice, member of congress and was a battle hero.

He was also Party president of the Argentine Social Democratic Party, today known as the Social Democratic Left.

He carried out his business activity as CEO of the Kuzko Weapons company in association with ale992.

Zumbido was administrator on the Argentine forum.

He was Supreme Commander of the Alianza Latino Americana, a position he assumed on February 6, 2010.

Elected President of Argentina Dec 2010. However, Zumbido makes the decision to return to the arena of politics and does so by running as a candidate for President for the Left Alliance, an inter-party bloc made up of the Social Democratic Left, the Socialist Bloc and various left-wing parties. The formula is winning, and he becomes the first president from the left since Dajuliani's election in 2009.

His presidency would not be easy at all, after a conflict between members of the PTO in Bolivia and the Argentine Armed Forces. As a result, rebellion took place in the national forum that would culminate in its hacking. However, as his mandate progressed, he was able to undertake actions such as reaching Colombia, done without record in Argentine military history, to later declare Spain a Natural Enemy, having something similar in 2008 as a precedent, to later lose to it. After the Presidency, he has withdrawn from active participation in the community.


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